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The Death of Halpin Fraser


A nightmare journey through purgatory is in order for a man who is beset by the voices of his mother, father-in-law and the former wife whom he had murdered.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 10, 1975
  • Repeat - July 13, 1975
  • Repeat - November 17, 1979





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A young man takes a nightmare trip through Hell, forced to relive past sins that justify his fall from grace.

Jermane Cassidy

A recent graduate of a Tennessee lw school in the late 1700s is the prize jewel of his mother’s collection. She dotes on him and he on her in a borderline unnatural relationship. When he marries and is offered a plum job in San Francisco his mother is extremely upset, and he himself had to be talked into the separation by his fiancé. His mother tells him that if he leaves he will meet his death by strangulation and asks to be taken with them so she may look after him. He refuses and leaves for his now position but has a hard time separating the identity of his wife and his mother.


The title should be spelled: The Death of Halpin Frayser


Definitely one of those Oedipal tales. I haven't personally seen a relationship that twisted between a parent and child, but I've seen close to it. Of course, the supernatural element comes into play but I was unsure if it was his mother or his wife that ended up strangling him.


The Death of Halpin Fraser' was very creepy!


Creepy. Michael wager and Arnold Moss did some fine work.


Halpin Fraser had always been especially close to his mother, Katy, and it shocks her deeply when he announces his plans of marrying Mary Ellen Shelby and moving to California. Katy vows with a vengeance that she and Halpin will be together again. Ten years later, Halpin kills his wife in a fit of rage and, forced to hide out from the law, he finds himself lost in a terrible nightmare from which he cannot escape.


Kodos the Executioner!! I mean, I didn't realize the actor from that original Star Trek episode was a voice actor for any of these, or that he wrote a script. Very cool.


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