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Every Blossom Dies


A young lady is murdered and the investigator leading the case becomes the main suspect. His boss is unwilling to believe the facts and his wife dismisses the evidence against him, one of them being a note from the victim herself.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 17, 1975
  • Repeat - June 11, 1975





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14 Responses to Episode 0240

Decent story with a nice twist.


Eerie episode.


A detective investigates the murder of a young beautiful local singer. At home, he and his wife struggle through problems of trust and a strange letter the wife received suggesting that her husband is having an affair. The detective puts all his energy into solving this murder and is remarkably successful at tracking down leads in what appears to be an unsolvable case with a dearth of evidence.


The voice of the detective who worked with "Bill Maitland" was so expressive and compassionate. Very convincing.


WOW! This was a wonderful rewrite of an older classic. I loved the mood set by the actors and the writing for this episode was spot on!! This is a must listen to. I loved the ending!!!


What a great episode! The mystery was well written and the acting was spot on. I think it was George Petrie who was the partner and he did a great bit of very nuanced voice work in this. 5 stars all the way!


A very good listen, except for the song which drove me nuts (and apparently a character in the episode as well). Personally I could've done without EG telling us what happened afterwards as I think they let him off too easily, but not that I would've thought he needed a lot more punishment.


I loved Every Blossom Dies. I got hooked on that song just like everyone ese.


What's interesting about this episode, is E.G. Marshall's narration at the beginning of ACT-3. He talks about Guy de Maupaussant (writer of the classic "The Diamond Necklace") who wrote a story about a professional knife thrower who would throw knives at her wife's outline form on the board. The audience in the story didn't know what that she cheated on him and he knew all about it. But he didn't kill her because she knew he was an artist and he could never make a mistake. CBSRMT turned that into an Episode (#0573-THE ARTIST). The ending is an eye-opener and it will defientely give fans goosebumps


I remember that one too.


I really liked this one. It could have developed into a David Lynch movie - it didn't make any sense but it was somehow compelling listening as the disturbed mind investigated itself. In a way it's a pity there had to be an ending...


What a great episode! The mystery was very well written and acted.

Gina Schackel

A standout episode. I agree it’s quite eerie, and the melody played throughout sets the mood and adds to the haunting quality.


Excellent! Really enjoyable episode.


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