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The Eye of Death


A young photographer is convinced that her stepfather killed her mother and tries to prove it. She becomes frantic and begins to stalk him when he gets ready to marry again.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 7, 1975
  • Repeat - May 31, 1975
  • Repeat - August 15, 1980





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7 Responses to Episode 0235

A step-father leaves a bad taste in his step-daughter’s mouth. She, a very successful freelance photographer, does not trust him, and cannot believe he loves her mother for any more than her estate. She learns that within the short time they’ve been married, he has already had her take out a sizable insurance policy on her life. When they go upstairs to see the mother, they find she has drowned in her bathtub after an apparent seizure, something she has never had before in her life. The photographer seeks to take her younger sister, who is still living with the step-father and mother, away to safety. More surprises are in store at the reading of the will and the photographer, always looking for a story to shoot, finds one in her own life.

Mr. Mayers

This was a really good one!

Daver a Rooney

Joan Hackett sounds as if she is reading all the way through this. Other than that, the storyline is one of the best.


I originally thought with the title and the character being a photographer that they might go for "the eye stores the last thing it sees in its retina" storyline and I'm glad they didn't. This one was more clever than that and I liked it more for that. I was wondering how she would prove he was killing the women, even if she only caught him on the last one.


Very smart ending. Love it.


I heard this phrase years ago from an episode, "Eye of an eagle, I know your name, it's windang dingo". Can you tell me the episode / year? Thank you


Greg Manchester, whose first wife died from an overdose of sleeping pills, marries the mother of a talented photographer, Sandy Oakes. When her mother drowns in a bathtub Manchester inherits all the Oakes’ family money. Sandy becomes certain her mother’s death was no accident and accuses Manchester of murder. She hopes that someday he will make a mistake and that she will be there to record it with her camera.


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