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The Flowers of Death


Dionysus, a god in Greek mythology appears in modern times and charms a young lady living in a suburb. Her husband brings his boss home so he can evaluate them for a promotion. Apart from this, the neighborhood is buzzing about her special talent with flowers.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 24, 1975
  • Repeat - April 5, 1975





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12 Responses to Episode 0211

An agent in a competitive business works very hard to achieve success at his work, and shoots for promotion in every way possible. His big boss is in town and he wants to invite him to his home to make an impression. He talks to his wife about it and she agrees. The boss is very particular about things and sees a stable and well mannered spouse as an integral part of success in the corporation. In fact, one of his associates was fired because his wife was a ‘hippy’ and spouted all sorts of nonsense. Our agent’s wife, while at home one day is visited by a man claiming to be the ancient god Dionysis who sweeps her off her feet and grants her the wish of a beautiful and vibrant garden. She is overcome with emotion and appears to have lost the taste for climbing the social and corporate ladder in favour of a quieter life devoted to love and her garden. This, of course, is exactly the kind of ‘flake’ the big boss frowns upon.


An interesting story, especially considering the episode before it is similar in the idea that current lifestyles are too much and we need to go back to previous lifestyles to enjoy life better. Too bad her husband finds that out too late.


Extremely trite and lazy writing from the usually reliable Sam Dann, and another ridiculous and unbelievable performance by McCambridge as a much younger woman. You'll miss nothing skipping this one.


I found it quite moving in many ways and the female lead compelling. Her voice is quite special and really drew me in. But there you go, different strokes.....


I agree. MM ALWAYS gives a great performance. She deserved ALOT more credit than she ever got. Did you know she was the voice of the devil in the E xcorcist!?

Trina Johnson

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Some Fantasy-Mysteries on this program involve the supernatural and some involve the extraterrestrial. But this one involves of mythology. Sam Dann wrote a pretty good story, however, it's a mystery as to why the character Dionysus wasn't around in ACT-2 or ACT-3. I mean, here we have a Greek god who shows up in a suburban town, notices a suburban housewife, talks to her about certain needs/desires, he helps her out in ACT-1, but he doesn't make a physical appearance again later on in the story. SPECIAL NOTE: Dionysus a.k.a Bacchus was the god of wine, god of mystic ecstasy, and lover of peace. Plus, he was the son of Semele & Zeus. This story could've been split into 2 episodes; part 1 is to learn more about the Greek god and part 2 is how he managed to make it to the suburbs. Anyway, the Title of this is fitting, but other titles could work like "The Fruits Of Love," "Crimson Flowers," or "The Garden Of Gretchen Morrison." The music had many suspenseful tracks that worked. But in ACT-1 when our leading Lady encounters the Greek god of wine, there should've been music playing during that specific moment; like the peaceful & serenity music from #0508-THE GOLDEN PEOPLE instead of dead silence. The sound effects of the rotary phone, doorbell, birds chirping, doors, paper list, footsteps, breaking of the drinking glass, and body thud worked though. In our Host's Prologue. E.G. Marshall starts his intro off with "Tales of mystery, terror, excitement, and suspense" which makes CBSRMT an unforgettable series. But also he states that a little bit of wisdom is dangerous, but a great deal of ignorance is usually fatal (powerful message). In ACT-1, he makes an interesting narration on people who strive to be different are labeled "geniuses" if they succeed, but labeled as "mad men" if they failed. In ACT-2, he questions about the Ancient days with gods, but later on discusses the marriage life (from the olden days). In ACT-3, he makes an interesting point about married couples: they share things, but don't share each other and the couples become strangers. In the end, all what's left in this story is an usual garden…with blood. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall discusses the differences of Dionysus & Apollo and, as I said before, it's great to hear mythological references in a mystery series. Speaking of great, out talented cast: Mercedes McCambridge (as Gretchen Morrison), Larry Haines (as Walter Morrison), Robert Maxwell (as Dionysus & Porter), and Gilbert Mack (as Frederick Bailer & Dr. Marks). I'd give props to Gilbert Mack & Robert Maxwell on their roles. But I'd give mad props to Larry Haines & Mercedes McCambridge for stealing the show. My favorite scene from them is at the 19-minute 25-minute where he says, "Oh, my God!" and she replies, "Which one?" The way they said those lines is pretty funny. Plus, listen to Mercedes McCambridge's voice when she's being choked at the 36-minute 23-second mark. It sounded like she was about to use her demonic voice from her performance in THE EXORCIST film. SPECIAL NOTE: The CBSRMT webpage made a mistake: Roberta Maxwell does NOT make an appearance in this. It's actually Robert Maxwell. If you're a fan of Mercedes McCambridge, you got to check this one out. And check out #0825-A DRINK WITH DIONYSUS, #0744-SHE, and #0083-THE VENUS D'ILE for more mystery stories involving Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


What a great story!


What a great story!


"Someday we shall simply have to rid ourselves of all the well-worn cliches that obscure our speech and corrode our thinking...We should start with the one that says, 'Ignorance is bliss.' The fact of the matter is that the truly ignorant are seldom blissful. Indeed they are usually unhappy, suspicious, stubborn, and frustrated. True, a little bit of wisdom may be dangerous, but a great deal of ignorance can be fatal."


A different story that is for sure. Not very clear on the reason blood was used on the plants in the garden? Perhaps I missed something? Not in my top stories, but if someone is looking for something different this might be something for them. Did enjoy the commercials and news and made listening worthwhile.


Oh, I absolutely loved this episode!!! Something completely different from the standard RMT fare! Although the ending is a bit predictable, as any fool could see that Mercedes McCambridge would inevitably drive Larry Haines around the bend. Those two make an unlikely pair!

Melanie C

The back and forth between husband and wife when he was trying to get her to agree to appease his boss (first time) was done SO well. Great acting and the best rapid-fire banter from Mercedes that I've ever heard on this series.

Dave H.

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