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How Eberhard Won His Wings


A virtuous man is blessed with a pair of wings for his spotless conduct and commitment towards good. But both he and his wife think it ridiculous to wear them. They both try to find a sin that he can attempt so they will be taken back.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 7, 1974
  • Repeat - December 25, 1974





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16 Responses to Episode 0171

Without a doubt the funniest story so far! I love the expressive voice of whoever plays the wife. I'm wondering how frustrated a wife would have to be to send her husband out for a hook up!


That's Marian Haley. I always liked her.


This one is so silly. But very entertaining. Weak ending.


This is only the second episode that I have listened to that attempted to be funny; and it was. The comedic voice of the Eberhard's wife is fantastic. This is a great listen if you are looking for a lighter, different episode. "How Eberhard Won His Wings:" 5 stars. By the way, Pandora, I thought the ending was hysterical!

Davy Joe

An amusing tale of a man so good that God rewards him with a pair of wings. While he likes them they are a bit of a nuisance: clothes don’t fit, has to take cabs to avoid teasing, etc. His wife hates them and they try to figure out how to get rid of them without offending the man upstairs. They decide to attempt committing the 7 deadly sins. What follows is his escapades. A fun episode!


This was an "O.K." tale, a little too corny for my taste. It definately had the feel of one of the more sappy, sentimental "Twilight Zone" episodes that they would occasionally throw into the mix. I was surprised Elspeth Eric didn't pen this one. I did enjoy the restaurant scene and the the sequence with Arnold Moss as the drama coach. Hans Conried was perfectly cast for the role of Eberhard. As I stated in a previous post, a tale never to be confused with something like "Dracula"................


Kinda figured how it'd go, but it was very enjoyable watching it all unfold. Loved the ending.


A good episode for the funny/corny ones voiced with choice actors. I thought it funny that the being giving him the wings wouldn't have an idea how they would cause him problems, or how the replacement would be even worse.


I remember listening to this episode in my grandparents bed while looking their glowing radium Waltham clock dial next to me. They need to bring this imagination back to the radio.


One of my favorite episodes. I think it's VERY funny, lol! And the ending was hysterical, as mentioned above. I don't know why other people might call it "weak." The whole episode was very funny and very well done. I love Marion Haley as the wife, and she is a good actress, especially in comedic roles. She did several other episodes I like as well.


This is a great episode! I couldn't survive without my daily dose of CBSMT with E.G.Marshall narrating ! So clever, these episodes are a treasure to me . I am so happy I discovered this sitr and it warms my soul to see the other comments and others enjoy just as much as myself 🤓


A timid bank teller is so good to everyone that angel’s wings start to grow between his shoulder blades. Because of his wings, Eberhard Edwards becomes the butt of so many jokes that his wife vows to help get rid of them. She decides he must commit at least one of the seven deadly sins. He tries them all, but each time fails to be sinful enough. Finally, they both agree that “he who gave them to him is the only one who can take them away.”


Thoroughly enjoyed this episode! Fun and entertaining with good actors. The wife is hysterical! The ending is a wonderful twist. To really make it the best would have been the old time commercials! However give a listen for some lighthearted fun with E.G. Marshall. Definitely a top 10!


Nice light-hearted episode about a good man and the uncomfortable recognition that comes his way. Good acting, fun plot.


Hey, the first humorous CBSRMT that they absolutely nailed! Great voice acting, particularly of the waiter/acting coach. NP w/ the ending. 😀


I definitely remember this one from my youth, the deep voice intoning "EBERHARD EDWARDS..." Listening 47 years later, I thought that Eberhard's wife was Mae Questel (voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl in the Fleischer Studios cartoons, Aunt Bluebell in the Scott Towels TV commercials) and that one of the red-light girls was Penny Singleton (voice of Jane Jetson), but I see that is not so.

Dr. D.

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