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Possessed by the Devil


A young boy who happens to be a minister's son is admitted to a hospital with fatal wounds. Though his health improves, he has lost his soul forever.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 28, 1974
  • Repeat - December 20, 1974





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19 Responses to Episode 0166

This is a GREAT episode. I think it is one of the BEST of the series. It certainly is on my list of the top CBSRMT's best episodes. I enjoyed it so much I copied to a CD so I could hear it again whenever I wanted to. The acting, writing, sound effects are fantastic! When the demon that is possessing the son talks through him- his voice changes to such a demonic roar - it really creeped me out! I loved Joan Shay as the slightly intoxicated Irish cleaning woman!


"Possessed by the Devil" gets 5 stars and then some. This was a fantastic episode which was also rather scary. Listening to it was more terrifying than the ridiculous horror movies that are out today. I am realizing that when Mystery Theater did stories on possession or devil worship, they went the whole way. Ian Martin is a great writer, but his voice is so distinguishable--in this episode he played an arrogant veteran doctor which was perfect for him. Leon Janney was the possessed brother. Janney did dozens of Mystery Theater episodes and he was fantastic as a possessed, love-sick student who had sibling rivalry issues. If you get the chance, listen to this horrific episode.

Davy Joe

In response to Davyjoe's comment-I'm pretty sure it was Donald Buka playing the possessed, lovesick brother. Leon Janney was one of the hospital doctors and Anton Aszerak (sp?). It is a GREAT episode and REALLY SCARED me the first time I heard it. Unfortunately, I listened to it right before I went to bed that night,and I didn't sleep too well that night! Davy Joe you are spot-on about it being more terrifying than the dreck that passes for horror movies today.


Thanks for the correction Kristin. This is still, in my opinion, the scariest episode of the 1,399.

Davy Joe

I'm not a fan of "slasher" movies, but if you ever have a moment in which you want to watch a film within that genre, I could recommend one...this RMT episode is almost a cross (from what I heard) between the aforementioned Exorcist and a very interesting film from the late 80s entitled The hidden. An emergency room MD and a cleaning lady are in the room late at night with two patients: a poor, passed out wino who while not critically ill is a regular to the ER, and a young man who has suffered what appears to be a gravely serious closed head injury...he supposedly has a depression in his skull big enough for one to put their hand in. (My own daughter had a skull fracture at age 4 so this hit home to me.) Any way, the cleaning woman is a little irish lady who happens to be left alone in a room with the two while the MD is called away. She's just in time to witness what appears to her to be the devil, exiting the mouth of the wino as a pair of glowing red eyes and a forked tail in a cloud of smoke and going right up the injured young man's nose. She's extremely frightened, and the MD is amazed. The young man, who appeared to have a fatal injury, stands up and is ready to leave the hospital, while the wino has just died... 

Alex Parpan

A minister’s son is brought into the hospital with severe, life-threatening head wounds but experiences a miraculous cure when, according to the cleaning lady, the devil himself flees from the drunk in the next bed, and up the nose of the young man. We learn he has been experimenting with the black arts and devil worship.


Nice and creepy. This is a fun episode to listen to around Halloween. Have fun with this one. It's nice to listen to a "scary" show without the gore. Yes, I know it's a radio show but they can still slip those sound effects in for effect. Glad they let our imagination work for us instead. Kudos!!


Nice and creepy.

Gina Schackel

Nice supernatural episode. I didn't think it was as creepy as the others, but I suppose in the correct environment it well could be. Although a few parts were obvious lead-ins to something happening, it was really good overall.


One of my all time favorites! I can listen to it over and over again. I agree, Joan Shay was great as the over the top and slightly tipsy cleaning woman.


I remember Pocessed by The Devel, that is very good. I'd say one of my favorites would have to be The Devel's Due I think its called. Its the show about the former Russian Dancer who makes a deal with the devel to be able to dance again, but doesn't accept the devel's terms and pays for it.


When I first heard this episode last year it frightened the life out of me that's thundering demonic voice was so creepy and authentic. The slightly squiffy Irish cleaning ladies voice helped to relieve the darkness. Overall a truly superb episode


As someone who was lucky enough to be able to listen to these stories back in 1978, 79, etc..I love finding them I will open a can of worms here..I would like to compile a list of the top 50 stories from CBSRMT. Where to start!


I find fake cat meowing to be really irritating. The same thing ruins for me every episode of Our Miss Brooks in which the cat, Minerva, appears. I nearly turned this one off because of it, but decided to let it go for the sake of the story.


Michael Damon, son of a minister, is brought into a hospital emergency room with a dent in his skull that should have mangled his brain. But according to an aging and slightly tipsy cleaning woman, a malign spirit, surrounded by a cloud of black smoke, jumped from another person to Mike, who immediately becomes healthy again—or does he?


One of the best stories! Great for Halloween.


One of the best stories! Great for Halloween.


This episode was very entertaining and I enjoyed listening to it! The storyline was very entertaining and the sound effects, except for the cat, we're really great. I'm not sure where the cat sound comes from, but i wish it was better, but it's a minor issue. I truly enjoyed the Irish cleaning woman, so wonderfully played! This would have been great with commercials, i missed not hearing those.


Mm, not a big fan, mostly because I’m not fond of stories of such incredible selfishness as this man demonstrates through his possession. Not particularly scary (which was good as I like to listen to these at bedtime). My criteria for a ‘thumbs up’ is whether a tale is worth a second listen and I think this one definitely was.


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