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Mind Over Matthew


A middle-aged man marries a young girl he begins to believe might be a sorceress. He enlists the aid of his physician to get to the bottom of the mystery.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 21, 1974
  • Repeat - December 13, 1974





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12 Responses to Episode 0163

I remember laughing aloud at this one called \"Mind Over Matthew\". He makes a statement \"Holy Cow---she\'s a witch!\" It\'s just the way he says it and of course within the context of the episode. I know some others but I\'ll have to figure out the titles to them.


The receptionist's secret was predictable, but the surprise ending was great!


This episode was rather humorous. Nothing particularly eccentric though. 3 stars.

Davy Joe

An older gentleman marries a young woman with the apparent ability to heal herself. While at first he is intrigued with this sill, he grows concerned that he has married a witch and seeks verification of his suspicion.


Figured all along about the receptionist's background. But a fun, humorous story with a fun ending.


The story was so-so. But it hinges on the main character being a goofball and whining to his doctor about his wife being a witch instead of realizing how cool it was. Also, I don't get how this guy ever hooked up with an attractive woman talking through romance like this... "I'm going to kiss your fingers, and then your lower arm, and then your shoulder, and then the outer end of your right clavicle" etc.

Mark A

I thought this was funny in one of the first statements about if a man doesn't get married by 35 he probably won't. I got married when I was 35 and have four kids and, similar to this story, my wife is 10 years younger. Besides that, I thought the character's mania about witches was too much. It was definitely meant to be a humorous episode, even with a death in it, but I didn't like it too much. It was an okay listen overall I guess.


It's not Eric's fault but presumably Himan Brown's that this episode, like so many others, directs the young woman to have a ridiculously high and sticky-sweet voice. If I have one overarching complaint about CBSRMT after 160-odd episodes, it's that consistently terrible production choice. When the cast of characters calls for any woman under 30, look out... Everything else, though, is her fault--the dartboard approach to picking a couple of mystical powers and trying to tell a story about them, the silly love stories, the way the guy callously shrugs off a tragic death. Certainly this was a tongue-in-cheek episode, but just because it's goofy doesn't mean it's good.


Matthew Parker, a 40-year-old bachelor, succumbs to the charms of Mildred Cavanagh, age 20, and marries her. Mildred, he discovers, has a powerful subconscious mind, so powerful it cures warts on his hand and dispels all her own aches and pains. He then learns that she has a numb area of her right arm and that it doesn’t bleed when cut. He starts to wonder if she is a witch.


A humorous story just in the way the characters lines were written. The wife is killed side her powers were not extensive to ask healing, which was sad, but hero's to propel the story to the happy ending. However I did enjoy the commercials as well. Budweiser had good commercials especially on tv with the Clydesdale horses. I really miss those tv ads since they sold the business. But the really fun ad was listening about the Foreman and Ali fight and how you could reserve a place at the Waldorf to watch it and spend only $45 for drinks, including taxes and tips! Not in this day and age.


I was fearing some twists at the end that (thankfully) *DIDN'T* happen. **SPOILERS** I figured the receptionist was also a witch, and I could see that she was attracted to the goofball. I thought that she might have used her powers to somehow induce the goofball's wife to run in front of the truck, so the receptionist could move in on the goofball. I was also afraid that the autopsy was going to show that the dead girl was pregnant, and perhaps that was why she was running to find her husband. Which would have made the receptionist's plot even more horrifying. But untreated ruptured appendix is pretty horrifying, too.

Dr. D.

Wow, that was dumb. And stuffed with padding. Dim man marries ditzy "girl" (call me crazy, but I think marriage should be between adults). Dimwit gets mortified over talking about sex with his wife because *kissing her elbow* is so intimate. Wait till he finds out where babies come from! What must it have been like going through the world with E. Eric's daffy mind? In answer to EG's closing questions, no. The laws of physics are real; witches and powers are not.


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