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The Last Escape


An elderly escape artist wants to try his hand at the greatest escape - the one that Houdini failed to complete. But his wife and her lover don't want him to succeed in his endeavor.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 17, 1974
  • Repeat - December 11, 1974





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Good story with surprise ending.


This episode left the listener pondering an age old question; when being treated poorly and even abused, is murder ever a fair solution? I would say in \"The Last Escape\" probably not. 3 stars.

Davy Joe

Joe "The Great" Ferlini is an escape artist nearing the age of 50. But, the escape business isn't what it used to be and he works in second rate establishments. His ego is huge. He is abusive. His wife is unhappy. His agent isn't too keen on him anymore. And, another entertainer has a case of the hots for his wife. Now, he has an idea for a great escape trick to get publicity and catapult himself back into the limelight. He will be bound, sealed in a box, and dumped into a pond and he is to find his way out. All of these things you will learn in the first few minutes of the program.

Brandon Moya

A vain and aggressive escape artist seeks to prove his vigour and virility, even in his advanced years, and attempts one last potentially fatal stunt. It can only be completed successfully with the help of his brow-beaten wife, who is having an affair with another man, giving her two reasons to botch the escape attempt.


Robert Dryden's acting and voice carries this episode of an aging, abusive escape artist Joe Ferlini who dreams up a trick that will get him 'back to the Big Time' -- and better paying gigs. Joan Lovejoy is Joe's long-suffering wife Wanda who falls for another entertainer Tommy, played by Robert Kaliban. But the two lovers -- with persistant urging by Tommy -- now see a way to get rid of Joe with his upcoming act. Joe Julian's gravely voice works as Joe's agent. One of the better RMT episodes that could have easily been a Movie of the Week on ABC or CBS back in the '70s. Entertaining and Dryden's portrayal of Ferlini The Great is key. Extras: some entertaining '70s commercials. Beautiful, as Joe Ferlini would say.


Mystery with surprise ending.

Gina Schackel

You could see the murder almost from the beginning, but the ending certainly was a surprise for me. Is an abusive spouse reason enough to kill them? No, there are definitely other options available (although not always easy to obtain).


Ouch! Since when is 49 "elderly"?! And I think Russell Horton played Wanda's boyfriend, Tommy.


Good thriller between characters who are neither all good nor all bad. The final twist was a bit of a moralistic cop-out, but a very solid effort overall.


"Elderly"? The guy's 49. Who writes these burbs?


Houdini wanted to show that he could escape death , too . He told his wife to hold a seance on the anniversary of his death and he would appear to her . She held the seances for about 20 years and he never appeared so she stopped having them .


Newly married Peg and Ronny Andrews go hiking in Dutchman’s Woods where, according to the superstitious townspeople, the ghost of a beautiful woman named Katrina still hauntingly seeks out men’s companionship 200 years after her jealous husband murdered her for infidelity. When Peg and Ronny accidentally become separated, Ronny meets Katrina, who lures him deeper into the woods. Ultimately Peg finds them and uses the one device she believes can put Katrina’s wandering soul to rest forever.


An intriguing mystery for those who like to watch illusionists. A tale that crime and murder do not pay nor does unfaithfulness. The ending was a very unique twist and unexpected. Enjoyed E.G. Marshall as always and the old time commercials. Thanks CBSRMT!


Revenge from beyond the grave

N'awlings Fatz

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