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Dead for a Dollar


Two cheated men plan the murder of the trader who swindled them. Unbeknownst to them, somebody has already carried out the deed, relieved them of the rewards, but left the blame behind.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 21, 1974
  • Repeat - March 16, 1974





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9 Responses to Episode 0016

This appears to be the first true "whodunit" of The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. Thanks to the nature of radio, we can hear the murder, but we can't see the killer. As is generally the case with murder mysteries, the victim is unsympathetic and there are a lot of players with motive. Solution does not hinge on the discovery of clever clue or on logical deduction, but by a breakdown confession of the killer. Murder mystery, no supernatural elements.


Dead For A Dollar involved another crooked businessman who becomes the target of two of his victims. He thwarts them, but has no idea just how many enemies he has. OK story... the "victims" who work out a plan to murder him are a little too inept for my liking. And you want to feel sorry for them, but they're such sour characters that it's tough. Actually, hard to find any truly sympathetic characters here.


Apparently the writer couldn't do the math. One character says the victim had stolen his wife about 2 years earlier, the wife later says they'd been married 18 years, and the son of this union is clearly well into his 20s. Shabby.


Haha! I'm a stickler for math, but it didn't let me enjoy the episode any less!


A ruthless man is hated by many people because he runs roughshod over everyone. Two of them decide he must go and eventually someone does kill him. There are many people with motive and the police must determine who the killer is.


The “right” guy is killed but the mystery fizzles and is less than satisfying.

Ruth ClaireighHis not

Enjoyed the episode. However, one small point. You can't put a silencer on a revolver.


Entertaining episode. Well acted and intriguing enough story. A bit predictable, but still enjoyable.

NorCal John

Along with his millions, Jason Grant sits on a golden throne built on many ruined lives, and has earned the hatred of more people than he bothers to remember. On this day, however, two ex-employees sit in a bar and plan how they will kill Grant, by tossing a coin to decide which one will do it.


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