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The Final Vow


Sister Pamela owns a priceless figurine that is stolen from her. So she quits the church and dedicates all her time to find the missing statue in order to return it to a dying nun. Help comes from a source that she never would have imagined.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 15, 1974
  • Repeat - October 16, 1974
  • Repeat - May 9, 1980





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18 Responses to Episode 0134

Another excellent episode by Henry Slesar with one his his trademark twists at the end...


A young nun leaves her order so that she can track down a priceless art object she had stolen from her.


A priceless statue is stolen from Sister Pamela. So she quits her order to devote her time to finding it so it can be returned to a fellow nun who is dying. Help comes from an unlikely source.

Jazz CJ.

A young nun is sent to visit a man of dubious character who was once a dear friend of a sister of her order. He is now a wealthy art collector and donates a priceless statue of St. Francis to the convent in honour of the woman he knew so well. As she and another nun accompanying her were rushing to catch their train, a man offers to help by carrying her bag… he promptly disappears. The young woman is distraught and leaves the convent and embarks on a search to recover the lost statue.

G. Hupp

As soon as I began listening to this episode I knew I'd "seen" it somewhere before, and was even remembering the scenes evinced by the radio drama. A little Google and a little IMDB soon revealed the source, which is: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Season 1, Episode 6, Final Vow (25 Oct. 1962). Everything old is new again. What a delectable twist. Thank you, Mr. Slesar.


Eh, not one of the best episodes, but certainly not the worst. The nun believable and appropriately cast. 3 stars.


Loved, loved, loved the ending. The only quibble is that the slimy thief seems to get off completely.


Of course nuns love to fight crime! Didn't you see "The Father Dowling Mysteries?" I should have guessed the ending but did not. Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


The Final Vow is an odd story, slow-moving, and hard to get into, but ultimately redeeming. Well-acted, though overplayed at times, Henry Slesar’s conclusion gave me a nice warm feeling inside. Sometimes what seems like an oddly-woven or confusing narrative is in actuality a well-intentioned crescendo to a moving climax. I give The Final Vow 4 stars out of 5 – JUROR #4


An excellent story. One of the few "feel good" outlines by CBSMT. Nice to hear during times of uncertainty. Thanks for that!!


Chilling with the brothers and Sisters! Get the statute!! Gotta love the New York accents too!!! Almost Brooklynese.

Scooter D & the Greens

An okay story about someone seeking to fit in and redemption. Although I expected who was coming to value to statue, I was sort of expecting him to handle it differently. I guess he really did have some good in him.


Hats off to the sharer for leaving the fascinating news and commercials in the mix. I adore hearing them!!


I also remember this story being done on: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Season 1, Episode 6, Final Vow (25 Oct. 1962).

Jason Grimm

After receiving a priceless religious statue from a gangster, Sister Pamela and Sister Jem allow an unknown man to help them with the heavy case, which he promptly steals. Distraught over the loss, Sister Pamela leaves the convent and pursues a police detective’s hunch about the man who might have stolen the statue.


An excellent story with a good ending (which is nice to hear). There is good in everyone, but sometimes it gets buried deep and its hard to see. Sometimes it never sees the light. Glad they left in the news and commercials as they always make the episodes so much more enjoyable and nostalgic. Thanks E.G. Marshall for the comments! Definitely a favorite and I recommend this one for listening pleasure.


Great episode! Never would have guessed who would show up at the end to save the day!!! Highly recommend listening to this entertaining show. My favorite female voice actress, Bryna Raeburn, performs two of the female characters, Reverend Mother and the thief’s girlfriend. Thankyou Ms. Raeburn!

Eric Templeton

Excellent episode. Good story, acting, and soy d quality. Nice story with a good ending, which E.G. tells us not to become accustomed to. Thank you for making these episodes public.

Kathy D

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