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Widow Wonderland


A professional bounder preys on grief-stricken widows as they visit their husband's graves. He promptly seduces them, and then fleeces them off their money!



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 5, 1982
  • Repeat - July 8, 1982





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5 Responses to Episode 1311

"Widow Wonderland" was a much better than average episode. However, the ending was just so-so. The main character preyed upon rich widows who came to their husbands' burial sites. He would seduce them and then swindle their money. He kind of reminded me of Will Farrell's character in "Wedding Crashers." I keep on remember Farrell playing Chaz barking out orders to his mother, "Mom, we need meat loaf!" Anyway, the episode was well acted--I truly enjoy Elspeth Eric more as an actress then a writer for Mystery Theater. In the end, I'd give this episode a 4 out of 5 stars.


CBS Radio Mysteries probably inspired Lifetime movies for women.

gina schackel

Muffie Van Dreelan Winnifred Croft and Rosie Harris are all wealthy, spirited widows, left alone in the prime of their lives. Augie Bishop, alias Andre Mercato, alias Armand Grenville, has succeeded in bilking each of these three lovely ladies out of their loneliness... and $10,000 each. Detective Harry Warren is hot on Augie’s trail -- but the ladies have a better idea of how to put this charming gold digger in his place.


This comment may involve Spoiler Alert. Mystery involves grieving windows about to be swindled by a scheming "Lothario". Will he get away with it or will the cops catch their man? Ending kind of falls flat. First of all why did he need an accomplice at the library? Couldn't he just looked up the microchips asking any librarian? This plot only served for the cop to follow her. Suppose the con man would have got away with it if he didn't light a cigarette using a book of matches that has his address on them! Make a note of that would be crooks. Second (BIG SPOILER) it is OK to steal a widow's huge fortune, ($10,000) but don't steal her pen from her desk. It has sentimental value for her. With that money you could buy a brand new pen, you smuck!


Loved Fred Gwynne in this. Another episode worth listening.


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