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The Blue Sedan


A young female cop undertakes to solve the mystery surrounding the death of a sleazy private investigator. Her only clue is a blue sedan spotted at the scene of the crime.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 1, 1982
  • Repeat - May 11, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1296

Another "who done it." This was a crime drama recorded in 1982. That year, Mystery Theater used female lead detectives in many of its stories. This episode was too long and too boring.

Davy Joe

A client's "privilege" certainly doesn't expire when his lawyer dies!

Bill King

There was no lawyer in this episode !!!


Interesting story, well acted. Kim Hunter was always one of my favorite actors (and not just because she was Zira in three Planet of the Apes films!)... but WHY in hootin' hell did they use that one music cue between scenes a thousand times? All I can hear in my head now is DING DING dong dong DING DING dong dong... a lazy scoring for this one.

Mike C.

o the police, the shooting death of Lew Delfat was no more than a routine investigation into the robbery and murder of a sleazy private detective. But homicide detective Lucille Miller saw it as much more... especially when anyone with information regarding Delfat’s business met with sudden and violent death.


I loved it! Kim Hunter is every bit as great in this, just like when she defended Heston in that monkey trial 8n Planet of the Apes! Lol!

Jim K.

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