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The Sand Castle


A childhood trauma causes a young woman to compulsively build sand castles everyday as a result of witnessing her little brother drown in her youth. A worried friend and her mother try to put an end to her madness.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 10, 1982
  • Repeat - April 13, 1982





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9 Responses to Episode 1288

Another sensitive piece by Eric that really packs a wallop. At first, I found her pieces frivolous, but through the years, her writing really grew and developed an extraordinary depth. I wonder if there is any way to read a collection....Actually, it would be interesting to see the collections of any of these writers.

Rev V

This one had a happy ending, well, for CBSRMT anyway. But I still cried a little. Very intense story and well acted. Sad, moving and will have you thinking about it afterwards. The sound aint the best and you can barely understand Tammy Grimes' narration but well worth the trouble.

David S.

I have to admit, Elspeth Eric's work is either growing on me, or she got better over the years. This episode is not a mystery at all. It is a romance. Grab your lover, poor some wine, snuggle on the couch, or better in the hot tub and play this one. It is entertaining and heartwrenching. 4 stars. Have fun lovers!


"Grab your lover, poor some wine, snuggle on the couch, or better in the hot tub and play this one. It is entertaining and heartwrenching. 4 stars. Have fun lovers!" . I don't recommend that strategy if your lover lost someone very near and dear as a child. . Dear hubby and I both lost a parent to death about the age the young woman lost her brother. That never leaves you. We both hated the movie "Terms of Endearment" because it was billed as comedy, but involved the death of a parent with my hubby identifying with the behavior of the older son at the funeral. At the end of the movie I had to go into the lobby to get napkins to mop up tears... and there seemed to be several other who could not leave the theater due to tears. The young kid at the counter was confused until I explained that I would bet real money that each of those left in the theater crying had lost a parent in childhood. . I assume the feeling is the same with losing a sibling. . I enjoyed this radio play because it emphasized the importance of dealing with loss. I actually got professional psychiatric help as a child, so I really know how important it is. . This was a lovely story. Thank you.


This is almost a repeat of "The Red Frisbee" about a young girl grieving over the loss of her younger brother, only it wasn't done as well, imo. The frisbee story was much better, imo, and it was very well done, except for the ending, which got weird. Was it really necessary for Elspeth Eric to recreate the same story, with only slight variations? She seemed obsessed with repeating certain types of stories, especially anything pertaining to "daddy issues" and bad relationships with one's mother, (which seemed to be her favorite theme).


I think this isn't quite a repeat of The Red Frisbee even though it had the same author, and the same actresses for the mother and daughter, Teri Keane and Jada Rowland. In the first episode the girl is a blonde blue eyed 17-year-old and here 6 years later she is a redheaded green eyed 23-year-old. In the first episode the girl was lively and spunky when she met the man on the beach, here she is morose and sullen. In the first episode it was the dog and the frisbee story about learning to swim that taught the girl to swim again. Here it was the tide washing out the sand castle that taught her that the birds can migrate south by themselves. In the first story the girl tries to get the man to marry her mother. Here the mother tries to get the man to marry her daughter. But the most tell tale difference about the first story was that in 1976 the girl had ESP and could read minds, a topic that was very popular in the early 1970's. By 1982, ESP and the supernatural was mostly dead in the water and there is no supernatural in this story.

D.C. Klinkensmit

I didn't say that the stories were identical, but they were very similar. What made it similar was the theme of the young girl grieving the loss of her drowned brother, (which happened years ago), and the sullen mother also grieving, the man talking to the mother about her daughter, and the endings were very similar.


Btw, the mother in this story did not try to get the man to marry her daughter. She was very protective of her daughter, but after getting to know him better, she learned to tolerate him.


Despite the really weird story, the acting of Jada Rowland was amazing. She makes me cry at the end when she is sobbing, etc. It may seem contradictory that I find this story really strange and unrealistic, yet Jada Rowland was able to move me with her performance. Now, THAT'S good acting, lol!


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