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Les Miserables (5 of 5) - The Final Chapter


Seeking to escape the chaos of the revolution, Valjean and his companions take refuge in the sewers of Paris and discover and unlikely ally. The cesspool of France becomes the stage for the destined meeting of Valjean and Inspector Javert.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 15, 1982
  • Repeat - June 11, 1982





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3 Responses to Episode 1279

Once again, this has been 1 of the best adaptations I've ever heard. Not only the sound effects of the bullets and the watery sewers got my attention, but also the music that sets the tones of compassion & companionship to the characters & the listening viewers. If only Amanda Plummer & Lloyd Battista spoke with french accents, like the other actors, this would've been a flawless episode. I would give Alexander Scourby (as Jean Valjean) & Bernard Grant (as Inspector Javert) a round of applause for their superb acting. Enjoy the final chapter of this CBSRMT episode, everyone!


This adaptation of Les Miserables was long (5 episodes) and some times less than exciting, but the final episode was unbelievable. 5 stars. The ending was fantastic. I am please that in Mystery Theater's final years the episodes departed from the "fear you can hear" and took a chance on works such as Les Miserables. Beautiful story well worth the 5 episode listen.


Although I have not read this brilliant classic, we read a short abridged version in 9th grade. I found the play version here to be very enjoyable and moving. I will definitely be looking for the original book to read in the very near future. Thank you all who are keeping the CBSRMT alive and well here on the internet!

Jim K.

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