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The Senior Prom


After looking closely into the death of several women, the police discover that the common denominator that ties them together was their rejection of a prom date during high school.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 11, 1981
  • Repeat - December 1, 1981





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8 Responses to Episode 1241

Definitely one of the best stories done by CBSRMT! I agree, it would make a great film. Nice twist at the end.


A serial killer wreaks havoc in a large city. Finding the connection between the victims is the key to solving the crime - but the police are having trouble to piece it together.

B. Barry

this mystery story is quite interesting. In ACT 1, the music is chilling then it sounds sinister, like a classic Film Noir. Russell Horton does a nice job as the role of the 37 year old Serial Killer: Marty, but his words of plotting to kill sounded cliché. In ACT 2 at the 27-minute mark, you're going to ♥ the violin music; it will give you goosebumps. In fact, that kind of music should be titled "The Killer's Theme". I was surprised that they were allowed to play "Can't Buy Me Love" by The Beatles on the show. In ACT 3, Kimberly Marie was right about the unexpected twist at the end. The Victim: Maggie Bridges AKA Maggie Morris (played by Evelyn Juster) meets the antagonist face to face, but you must listen to find out what she says or does to him at the last 5 minutes.


I think this would make an excellent movie! Great episode


Nice twist at the end caught me off guard. Good episode!


I like love how this episode references 'a little night murder'. The ending has a great twist. I liked it better than episode 56.


In one sentence your synopsis gives away the mystery solution that the police detectives spent the entire episode trying to solve. Reading it you could follow along withe the play knowing what it is about. There is just a slight unexpected twist at the end.


This was a good episode!


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