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My Sister -- Death


A twisted and humorous tale about a woman's attempts to drive her sister to madness.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 25, 1974
  • Repeat - September 24, 1974
  • Repeat - April 11, 1980





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21 Responses to Episode 0123

Interesting story. I wondered how Sybl could count on Andrea to call Del and it be worth what was offered to play along when it was possible she wouldn't call. My only problem with the story was that Sybl did seem eager to commit Andrea.


An invalid woman is tormented by her sister who is trying to drive his sister insane.

Erik Lensherr D.

Two sisters of a wealthy family mourn the untimely death of their brother. One grieves and is adamant about daily visits to the grave. The other is more stable and wants to get on with life. Both are in love with a handsome attorney who handles their estate and in turn, is in love with both of them but can’t decide which one to marry. When the distraught sister starts to experience strange events, suspicion turns to the other sister… is it a plot to kill the final sibling to take control of the entire estate?


This was my absolute favorite episode when I was a kid. I loved episodes that appeared to be supernatural but then turned out not to be when a rational explanation appeared. There's still a plot hole, though, a loose end in the form of Del Delahanty. He told Redmond that he lied when Andrea called...except he did not. He had to have been in on the whole thing, and with enough pressure, would certainly have squealed. They didn't need to trick Andrea into giving herself away. Mystery; imagined supernatural elements.


In Act 1 it appears that this is going to be no more than a straightforward take on the old film classic GASLIGHT, but it quickly evolves into a tale with ample twists and turns of its own. I will say that I guessed the penultimate twist well before the story got there (I realized immediately that, unlike all the other "evidence" of Sylvia trying to drive Andrea crazy, all of which was seen and corroborated by Murray, no one but Andrea saw and spoke to Chris in the graveyard). But the very last revelation, just before the end, did indeed take me by surprise, and that's the fun of this kind of tale. Believability doesn't enter into it--the only question is whether the story can stay at least one step ahead of the listener, and for me, at least, this one succeeded. The altered-painting notion, by the way, was probably inspired by "The Cemetery," the first story in Rod Serling's popular TV-movie NIGHT GALLERY, which had aired only a few years before (and which was the pilot for the early-70s TV series). Good choice!


great choice on this one! it held me throughout and though i had my suspicions, i wasn't exactly sure how it was going to turn out. one thing i enjoyed about this was how they gave a great detail to the script through locale and description that created strong visual imagery. great pick on this one! thank you!


I thought it held the suspense very well of whether Andrea was really going crazy or Sylvia was gaslighting her. Both sisters were very convincing in their claims. I literally was going back and forth, thinking I had it, then maybe not. Although, I was favoring Sylvia, hoping she was the innocent party. The one element that was kind of weak for me was the triangle with Murray. It was just so passionless on all three sides. Yet both sisters relied on him and confided in him and he attempted to help out both. But there seemed to be no great jealousy between the sisters until Andrea accused Sylvia of trying to make her think she was crazy in part to have Murray. Likewise, Murray's attitude was basically, "Yeah, I know I have to get around to picking one of you and marrying you. I just don't know which one yet." Figures it was solved for him by default! That part of it aside, though, I still found it very enjoyable. Oooh, The Cemetery? I think I remember that one. Roddy McDowall? The painting changed to show the dead man rising and getting closer and closer to the house?

H. Hank

I actually cast the vote for 5, thinking it was the best. I loved this show and gave it a 9 in my ratings scale. I love the haunted house/haunted castle story every bit as much as I love the "strange little town" stories.


I actually listened to this episode 3 times just to--get it.?... It is not one of my favorites. I must admit though, I really like Murray's style. He pridefully states to two sisters, "I know that both of you are in love with me, I just haven't decided which one to choose." He said calmly and cool, like a cucumber. 3 stars--really slow in the middle.


A pretty good story. Beatrice Straight's acting is always so subtle and natural it's very easy to listen to. Unfortunately she's playing opposite the often hysterically blubbering Marian Seldes.

Mark A

I thought this was a fairly good episode. Although it was intimated that there may have been a supernatural element, it alternately also intimated that there wasn't one. I didn't see the ending coming (even though I heard it years ago) and I always consider a fiction character named Sybil to be evil (although I can't remember meeting anyone with that name in real life). Marian Seldes' crying/hysterics can go over the top a lot, but it wasn't TOO bad this time.


But who was the mysterious man standing at Chris' grave, and what about the restaurant owner saying Sybil paid him off if he'd play a trick on her sister?

Joe Mama

You think this is a "humorous" story? Really? That's terrible. Anyway, it's not a bad story, but Marian Seldes is in full histrionic mode. She was such a great stage actress that it's a true shame listeners only know her from these episodes. She was brilliant on stage and in other media.


my first 5 stars here. excellent episode.

Nabetse Zitro

Andrea and Sybil Carter separately approach lawyer Murray Redmond, whom they both love and who is in love with both of them. Andrea cites incidents to prove that Sybil is driving her to insanity in order to get their dead brother’s entire estate. When Sybil sincerely seeks Murray’s help in getting Andrea to see a psychiatrist, he realizes he has to take drastic measures to find out which sister is telling the truth.


This episode is a good one, though it has some Soap Opera silliness such as ”I love you both and can’t decide which to marry”, I still like the actors, Sound effects, Eerie mood.


Excellent episode! I give it a 5 Star rating! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Eric Templeton

Even without the commercials of old and the news this is a really good episode! The only thing odd is Del at the restaurant tells Murray that Sybil paid him to lie to Andrea over the phone, which does not go along with the fact Sybil is the innocent one. Otherwise good story, great sound effects.


This is a really great one!


When it's that clear that early that Character A is manipulating Character B, it's obvious what the twist is going to be. (Or, at the least, it's obvious that the one thing you know for certain is that Character A is most definitely not manipulating Character B.) Grading on a curve, it's a thumbs up. Not the most riveting, undermined by some holes in the plot and weak acting in the third act, but passable.


Some very good plot twists along with confused romance. Very entertaining episode.


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