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My Good Name


In the pursuit of becoming a famous couturier, a young artist gives up his passion only to be murdered by his greedy accountant. In order to seek justice for his friend, the police are aided by an investigative journalist.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 6, 1981
  • Repeat - October 6, 1981





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5 Responses to Episode 1217

It'd be nice if we could hear the end'

Randy McLeod

It would also be nice to hear Mr. Marshall's prologue from the beginning. I'm just happy that someone has taken the time to preserve these broadcasts. My teenagers actually love them as I do!

Jim K.

I'm sorry. But it was a strain from start to not-finished, putting up with the most psychologically destructive "best friend" a fictional murder victim ever had (he had no "friend' but her in school, so she has by the emotional short hairs, and she eats it up, sucking the blood of his artistic vulnerability and deprived childhood). She an insufferable "heroine." Self-satisfied beyond bearing, unloving, barely even kind, all about herself from first breath to last, the kind of acquaintance we nowadays recognize as malignantly narcissistic, even psychopathic. How upset was she when this close friend of hers going back to her school days dies? She fed on it! His death was all about guess who? HER. Then to realize I The Listener have been suckered into putting up with her for forty minutes plus commercials, because haha, the ending is lost. I've only been affected this way by a handful of CBS Radio Mystery Theater lead characters. The rest of the handful were all men. It's only by the grace of other people's heroic efforts that I'm able to listen to all these great stories, that they even exist in the first place! Anytime I want to! For FREE! You who make it all possible have spoiled me rotten. I LOVE YOU! :)

Carlotta L'Arcade Corday

It's a great episode.


Waldo Trent was at the top of the fashion world when he was found shot to death in his Manhattan apartment, apparently having surprised a burglar. But reporter Helen Harper, a friend of Waldo’s since he was an unknown artist, suspects something else. The only problem is finding some evidence to support her instinct.


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