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The Voices


Convinced that a young captive has been aiding the underground French resistance, A Nazi General tries to crush her spirit. Strangely, the girl seems to be an incarnation of Joan of Arc as her life seems to run parallel to the life of the heroine 500 years ago.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 1, 1981
  • Repeat - August 6, 1981





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4 Responses to Episode 1192

Liked this one except for two things: The Cauchon character was a bit 2-dimensional. And the curé narrating the story said he gave Jean absolution. How could this be, if he is the one who is torturing Jean? Good acting, though. Amanda Plummer is wonderful as Jean. Four stars.

Vicky Hernandez

This is one of the best stories that G. Frederick Lewis wrote for CBSRMT. It's Joan of Arc living in WWII, only she goes by the name of Jeanne (played by Amanda Plummer) and faces an enemy by the name of Pierre Cauchon (played by Norman Rose). In Joan's time, he was named as Bishop Cauchon who accused her being a witch. In this WWII tale, he accuses the girl for being a spy. What I liked the most was the acting of Amanda Plummer for playing the heroine and Norman Rose for playing a villain who had a lust for being closed-minded rather than being open-minded. Earl Hammond as Hans was good as well. What was I object to was the music & sound effects. There wasn't enough sounds of explosions/battle cries to make it feel like we're in the middle of a war. As for music, they had saintly tunes to make Jeanne sound faithful, but not enough of it. If they added music of agony from Ep. #0167-THE BLACK ROOM or music of despair from Ep. #0476-THE SERPENT OF THE NILE, this would've been epic. But let's not forget our host, E.G. Marshall, for adding suspense in this mystery tale. If you're a fan of Joan of Arc, this is one episode you'll admire. I seem to have this vivid memory of Amanda Plummer from pulp fiction! "Honey Bunny" in the restaurant.


Pierre Cauchon, collaborating with the Nazi occupation forces during World War II, is obsessed by a young woman, Jeanne, who is brought in for interrogation after hiding an American soldier on her farm in Domremy. Cauchon is convinced the voices she speaks of hearing -- Catherine, Margaret and Michael -- are Resistance aliases. He orders her held -- and tortured, if necessary -- until she reveals her allies in the Resistance.


It took me three years to listen to all 1399 shows. I have recently started them over again. I didn't consider listening to any over again until I had finished them all. That is just me.


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