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Pretty Polly


In order to escape the good-natured meddling of his colleagues, a man spins animaginary romance. When his fake lover is found murdered, he discovers that he placed himself at the scene of the crime with his fictitious claims.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 18, 1981
  • Repeat - May 14, 1981





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13 Responses to Episode 1173

Stars Tony Roberts (I always enjoyed his character opposite Marlo Thomas as "That girl") and Paul Hecht. Starts out with Roberts character as a market analyst who seems captivated by the voice of one of his clients secretaries - or does he? He's in a daydream world and talks about "Polly", whom he's never met. His pushy, somewhat amoral manager (played by Hecht) wonders whats gotten into his employee, then deduces its a love interest. The market analyst says it couldn't be as he's never met the girl. Then the boss attempts to set his employee up into a relationship, but what are his real interests? And Roberts does enter into a relationship with Polly, but what kind of a relationship is it? Memorable line #1 - "Polly" says to Roberts' character on the phone: "I think people wear too many clothes today." Memorable line #2 - can't remember the exact words, but E.G. says "You veteran Mystery Theatre listeners are wondering by now (the end of act 1) when someone's going to get killed. You'll be rewarded in Act 2.") :?

Brent Lewis

That wasn't Tony Roberts in THAT GIRL. It was Ted Bessel.

Dale Haskell

I really enjoyed today's featured episode "Pretty Polly"! Very interesting little plot about what happens when a sexy secretary, and that sexy Voice, is dropped into life as usual at....The Office!


Pretty Polly is fantastic. Marian Seldes is a voice goddess!


This episode is a good listen. The hero is kind of a dolt. However, the plot flows and keeps you interested.


Great story! You wanna smack the hero up the side of the head but it's a good listen and Polly Simmons' voice keeps drawing you in. I listen to these when I go to bed and I keep falling asleep before the end. Maybe tonight I'll get lucky and hear how the story ends.

John in Warren, Mi.

That's exactly what happens to me. Sometimes it takes several tries to reach the end. This episode was good, the surprise ending is worth staying awake for!


Pretty Polly is my favorite and definitely the best


Great show my favorite one


Would have been a good episode as it started off because Marian Seldes sounded intriguing. However the episode fizzled out because the men partners sounded like the same man. Where they twins? It sounded like the same actor voiced both parts and he didn't even try to change his voice. The only way I could tell they were two men is because they kept calling each other by their names quite often. "Look Walt .." OK Joe..". Did the RMT run out of money in the budget at that time? Couldn't they have hired another actor with a different voice?

D.C. Klinkensmit

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. There are 2 things that I liked the best. ONE: the Script. This Drama-Mystery, written by Sam Dann, was wonderfully written, the main character and his love interest were likable, capturing the real killer was a surprise, and the ending was pleasing. This story would fit in with THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR series. Another way to title this would be “The Game Of Love & Death.” And TWO: our Host. In E.G. Marshall’s Prologue, he quoted a poem that involved on waiting. In ACT-1, moved forward with the topic of Time. In ACT-2, quoted the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (who wrote the Don Quixote novel): “Faint heart never won fair maiden” which makes sense to say because the main character isn’t moving progressively to win his love interest. In ACT-3, knowing the love interest has been murdered, the Host quoted the Scottish poet Walter Scott: “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” And that makes perfect sense since the main character has walled himself in a nightmarish situation. In the end, a decent Resolution. In his Epilogue, a lesson to be learned by quoting a classic proverb: “He who rides the tiger can never dismount.” His narrations, including the reciting of well-known writers, were very supportive for this dramatic tale. The music tracks were appealing, especially the tune played at the 11:28 mark where love started to rise up. The sound effects of the telephones, doors, sheets of paper, and prison cell gates were useful, but nothing more than that. Now onto the cast: Tony Roberts (as Joe Gaffney), Paul Hecht (as Walter Evans), and Marian Seldes (as Polly Simmons and Delores Smith), and Evie Juster (as Dottie and Lieutenant Marker). Evie Juster’s performance as a detective didn’t sound believable to me. The way she talked to the characters sounded like she was more of a Psychoanalyst and less of an investigator. As for Marian Seldes’ 2 roles: excellent! Tony Roberts’ character described her voice as “warm, alive and vital” and that’s the best description you could give to that leading lady! Paul Hecht: awesome job. And as for Tony Roberts: splendid, one of his best performances on CBSRMT. I’d recommend this episode to anyone that enjoys a mystery tale of murder and seeking love. SPECIAL BONUS: For those that are nostalgic, this has commercials of Chicago’s WBBM radio, “Gone With The Wind” airing on CBS-TV, Pat Summerall for True Value Hardware, Radio Advertising Bureau, Duration Nasal Spray, Insulation Bundle, Andy Williams for American Association of Blood Bank, Westclox Baby Ben, TV Guide, Delta Airlines, Preparation H cream, Hunger Organizations, and David Jackson hosting CBS Radio News. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


"Mr Stephenson's office." Marian Seldes did a great job as both receptionists. Now, why did he think a receptionist would not find him interesting. he was successful, had a career, nice friends (allegedly), and had nothing to worry about. I loved all the characters. I loved Polly with her sexy voice, Dolores with her annoying voice, that pushy matchmaking Dottie, everybody was great. I think we have all had crushes with people we met over the phone. This one was done so well. I loved it. I listen to it all the time. Yes, he lied and lied and lied. Forget it, I think he would have done better with Dolores better. Poor Dottie was like the cheese left standing alone at the end; oh well.


Had a feeling in Acts 1 & 2 who the guilty party was...just by the way he talked about Polly and Act 3 confirmed my suspicions. Good episode.


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