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Sins of the Fathers


A young reporter discovers that she was adopted while investigating a case of fraud and begins a search for the parents who seemingly abandoned her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 2, 1981
  • Repeat - February 12, 1981





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7 Responses to Episode 1142

Yeah, I recorded Sins of the Fathers off the original air-date. Been a less-listened to one of mine throughout the years, but it always struck a chord with me since I am adopted.

Jack Cassidy

Well, this Father's Day double feature was certainly a cute idea. I just wish the episodes had been better! "Daddy's Girls" is a totally run-of-the-mill Sam Dann murder story. He wrote dozens just like it for the series, and none of them stay in my memory for more than a few minutes after hearing them. Still, it's a listenable story, as most of his were--just good enough for me not to reach for the "STOP" button well before the end (as I do for a certain percentage of RMTs--sometimes I know we're in trouble within the first few minutes!). "Sins of the Fathers," meanwhile, is an interesting one, though pretty inert dramatically. It all boils down to a woman finding her father and discovering he doesn't care about her existence. No surprise there, and that story could have been told in 10 or 15 minutes. Still, like Ross, the story struck some kind of chord in me (though I'm not adopted), probably because the emotional experience of the character is so common. Focusing an episode around an emotional experience rather than a mystery plot makes it unusual and, in its slight way, more compelling than the likes of "Daddy's Girls." For me, at least. By the way, the poll this week is a nice one. I suggest everybody take a look at it and vote.

Jeff Lindsey Oliver

I concur; not a great story but Ok and worth the the listening time


This one is exciting with the daughter of a detective running around trying to find her biological parents. It takes you on a true journey. Carol Teitel is brilliant with her two voices. This one is exciting.


This is one of my favorites. A woman happens upon a mystery, close to home.


What a great touching story!

Rivka Bornstein

I can't get over how ungrateful she sounds when speaking about her adoptive father.


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