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The Young Die Good


The relationship of a married couple is tested when they transfer next to a strange house and its mysterious resident. The wife sees her as a frail old lady, while her husband sees a beautiful temptress and their clashing views put a strain on their marriage.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 4, 1974
  • Repeat - June 16, 1981





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19 Responses to Episode 0114

This one had an unsatisfying end to me... was hoping for a twist of some sort... but mostly plodded toward the promised end.


I was really hoping the good guys would win on this one. Incidentally, this bears a more than passing resemblance to "The Crone Of Cawdor," generally considered the best episode of "Bewitched" ever produced. An old woman who needs to seduce young men to remain young. Supernatural thriller; witchcraft.


cool- will have to track it down!


A couple moves in next door to a strange house with a strange inhabitant. One sees an old, desicated woman. The other sees a young attractive woman. The difference of vision exacerbates their marital difficulties. Suspensful, well acted drama.

Romeo of the Woods

A couple move in to a new home. The wife says hello to her new elderly neighbour. The husband arrives home and says hello to his new gorgeous young neighbour. They compare stories and bicker about who is right. The following morning she goes next door and talks to the old woman and discovers that she has a younger daughter… but never are the two seen together.

Jane S.

I really liked the first part of this one. I thought the idea with the dual voices was very cool. The problem I had then was that the wife somehow decides that it must be a witch & calls up the Dr.. There really isn't any connection to her thought process for doing her research. Apart from that, it was a good show.

Mr. Rinsky

The content of this show was too thin to support three acts. The sequence involving the man who suspected something supernatural seemed forced and added simply to pad the show. I agree that the wife's suspicion that a witch was involved came out of the blue. Despite its defects, this show was still entertaining, largely because of the dual nature of the witch. I love witch episodes.


It was OK. It actually lost me and I had to listen to it a couple of times to get it. I must be having a SLOOOOOW brain day!


Carol Teitel did an okay job for playing both the old Clarice Wenderby & the young Clarissa Wenderby, but this is one of those episodes you have to listen twice to know what's going on. In ACT 1, Lisa Bissonette (played by Patricia Elliot) sees Clarice and Ray Bissonette (played by Ira Lewis) sees Clarissa. And THIS causes a marital spat. In ACT 2, Mr. & Mrs. Bissonette plan to see Clarice & Clarissa at the same time, but never could. Lisa meets up with Professor Cooper (played by Danny Ocko) who has a knowledge of witchcraft. Clarice & Clarissa talk to each other behind closed doors, even though they are the same person. Cooper drives to find the house, but dies in a car accident. In ACT 3, Lisa believes Clarice & Clarissa are a Succubi. Just when Lisa & Ray are about to face them, Lisa faints. Ray visits Clarissa, drinks tea, and is mesmerized of her. That's when she squeezes the life of him and that's pretty much the End of it. If you're Nostalgic, check this CBSRMT episode out because it has commercials in it.


While I like the idea behind the story and have seen it played out in many other shows... the be-witcthing women do to men. Age old story just poorly executed here! :) Check it out and tell us agree or disagree?


Strange to admit, but I actually enjoy the bewitching temptress episodes the best. In this episode, the story took its listener to a time long ago--when neighbors greeted eachother with invites for tea or beer. Things have changed. Ray should have learned what I was taught long ago--if you are going to be married, make your wife accompany you when visiting other women. If Ray had waited for Lisa to come around, he might have had the strength to face the succubi. Instead, he went alone and fell into her evil trap. This episode was far better in acts I and II, but the ending was dull at best. 3 stars.


Not the most exciting of endings and fairly predictable. I didn't see the dual nature of the witch until the end, so that was good. The main thing I had an issue with was the professor who thinks he knows who the witch is and the witches seem to know who he is as well, but no background information is ever given on this topic. Also, the jump for the wife to think of witchcraft seems a giant leap as well. An okay episode, but not that great.


"Ray, do you find me -- fascinating?" LOL This one is enjoyable because of how "Clarice" and "Clarissa" talk. The old woman has this strange way of pronouncing things (listen to how she says "cozier" and "loveliest, freshest vegetables"), and says things like, "Do you find the shopping center exciting?" And then there's her vampy daughter, who is a major Miss Thang, and knows it, and talks like it. She's so sure of how hot she is that, when talking to Ray, she refers to his "pretty wife" whom she's (allegedly) never even seen. Next door to those two, you have this crazy wife who gets all bent out of shape because she saw the mother, and her husband didn't; he saw the daughter instead. For some weird reason, the wife takes this as something extremely mysterious. Yes, she is going to go see the old woman and get an explanation, "the first thing tomorrow morning!" What's not to love?


I love Carol Teitel for the talent she brings to CBSRMT. (My favorite character she plays so far is Lilith— “Lily, honey “ in The 36th Man.) In this episode I am just so stuck on ‘who cares?’ What married couple cares so much about the neighbor’s business that they argue about it, repeatedly? The premise is interesting but it isn’t a favorite. The husband is such a dolt and the wife mysteriously jumps to the correct conclusion of witchcraft with no lead-in whatsoever. And if Clarissa and Clarice are one, why does the old woman encourage the marrieds to move? Nonsensical.


An old and somewhat predictable story, yet I really liked the way it was done here, even the "oh hell!" ending -- you could see the doom coming but wondered if it would be avoided at the last moment. As I'm a horror fan, I'm glad that it wasn't! There was some ambiguity that was possibly the story's best feature. i really appreciated the discussion between the older and younger succubus/witch, which shows that even though they are essentially the same person, bound by time taht cannot be measured, they are not always necessarily of the same mind, hence the older (and more weary) witch telling Lisa that they should move despite the idea being apparently self-defeating. i think this conflict added some really neat undercurrents to the story, and helped to make the witch more of a tragic figure and not just a femme fatale, even though it wasn't explored much in the short timeframe.


Another E.G. banger! With a deadly cougar!!! WOWZERS!!!!!

Scooter D & the skittle Greens

A witch's tale that is okay. Husband and wife move in next to witches. The man foolishly treads where he shouldn't especially with a very jealous wife. Interesting part was the discussion between the old and young witch, bound together. A fatal attraction story to remind men, don't visit a younger woman alone. Great commercials to reminiscence on.


This episode is excellent. I thought the ending was just fantastic and it ended like I hoped it would. 5 Stars for this episode. This episode deals with witchcraft. (Fantasy) A married couple move into a new house where the two previous husbands who lived thete just disappeared. The wife (Patricia Elliot) has no knowledge of this or why the house sold below value. The married couple both meet the woman who lives next door at different times (many different times) and the wife sees her at a age in her 80's but when her husband sees her everytime, she looks like she is around 30. (Very attractive) The wife asks many questions and most of her questions go unanswered. Everytime the married couple tries to see this woman next door at the same time, something always comes up where they never get to see their neighbor at the same time. Eventually the neighbor gets her way at the end and her husband sees the same fate as the two previous husbands neighbors who lived there the past 1 1/2 years.

Don Heiland, Jr.

I thought it was interesting when the couple planned for the wife to walk in to the restaurant to catch the husband and the young woman together. I wish it worked out where the wife would see a glimpse as the young woman left for the rest room but then leave it as not a definitite sighting but a tease.


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