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The Bright Golden Murders


Believing that her husband was murdered after discovering a metallurgical secret that would shake the world market, she turns to his friend and the local police for help. Unknown to her, the scientist was actually having an affair with the cabaret singer girlfriend of a mobster- and was subsequently murdered when he discovered their liaison.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 15, 1980
  • Repeat - December 31, 1980





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2 Responses to Episode 1127

I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories but this one was kind of fun. Tammy Grimes plays the wife of a high-level nuclear physicist who runs his own consulting partnership. He's been getting strange phone calls at all times of the day, and has to run to places he can't identify for her. She accuses him in her own Tammy way of having an affair, but he laughs her off. Unfortunately, later he's shot dead outside a nightclub. According to a local detective and media accounts, he was indeed having an affair with a nightclub singer reputed to be the mistress of a local mob boss, who ordered the scientist killed. However, on visiting her husband's office afterward she meets his former secretary, who feels saddened that the physicist's name is being dragged through the mud and wants to clear his name. She astounds Ms. Grimes by saying that, from piecing together conversations she'd heard, she deduced that the physicist had developed a cheap way to turn base metals into gold, just like ancient alchemists tried. She says the physicist was murdered by "powerful interests", those who ostensibly control world commerce and who wouldn't want to see a sudden supply of cheap gold flood the marketplace. Ms. Grimes calls the police detective and they go to visit the secretary, but discover at her apartment that she's dead...

Alice Jennigs

Good suspense story. Grimes is great in her part.


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