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The Threshold


A young married couple purchase an abandoned town believed to be a nuclear testing site. When invisible hands begin to rebuild the town back to its glory days, the neighboring town's mayor and a hardware store owner become suspicious.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 17, 1980
  • Repeat - December 16, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 1119

A guilt ridden atomic scientist takes on a life as a hardware store owner near a town that was decimated as part of the early work in atomic bombs. When a couple of strangers buy the entire town and it starts rebuilding itself, suspicion is raised in the minds of the protagonist and his close friend (but nobody else seems to notice or care that invisible bulldozers and jack hammers are reconstructing the deserted town site.) An uncertain and unconvincing ending.

Patty Stevenson

Great episode. One I taped off the radio when I was very young. Very "Twilight Zonish". The atmosphere during the scene in the playground is especially chilling. So, is the feeling you get as our protaganists first try to drive to Dry Lake-- only to keep ending up at "Old Indian Rock". Like a bad dream where you keep running in circles and your frustration just keeps mounting. Fred Gwynne and Bob Dryden make a great duo. You really get a sense they're old friends which would do anything for each other. And you mourn for Boggs over the loss of his buddy at the end of the tale. And your imagination kicks into overtime as you try to imagine just what that other dimension is like. Probably very much like ours, but just slightly off-kilter-- where you would realize something was odd, but wouldn't quite be able to put your finger on it. (Like the fact no one had grown older in 40 some years!!!) Very well written and well executed by a talented cast! Great Choice!!!!

Rey Christian S.

This was a new one for me, first time I had heard it. I kept expecting Rod Serling to pop out and start explaining what was happening. The acting was superb. The more I hear Gwynne the more I realise how talented he really was. Like many others have mentioned, I once associated him mostly with Herman Munster. That association has faded and now I appreciate him in any role. Furthermore, I love Bryna Raeburn in any role. I've never heard her in an unconvincing role. It was an interesting (questionable?) concept when it was mentioned "no matter which dimension you're in, there's only so much space". I hardly think that the difference of the few people from this town would make much difference, but it makes for an interesting story. No more details... I don't want to spoil the plot.

J. Pelo

I always prefer the supernatural/weird RMT's and this falls squarely in that category. This episode had an off beat quality to it that I liked. Very enjoyable and, as another poster pointed out, Twilight Zone-ish. Good selection.

L. Buns

I heard this episode of Threshold Between Dimensions last year sometime, couldn't remember the details, listened again. Excellent episode.


Remarkable sound quality in this episode. Indeed, remarkable AM radio reception. As good as a home recording can get. I wish that whoever recorded this episode had recorded all 1,399 of the episodes.

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