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Leave Well Enough Alone


A marital counseling session with a couple he is acquainted with gives birth to the greatest story ever written by talented French novelist, Guy de Maupassant.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 3, 1980
  • Repeat - December 9, 1980





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7 Responses to Episode 1115

After looking up her profile,and listening to this and Episode 1114, I would say for an eight year old she has a great voice and should have gone farther in her career.

Randy Mc

I just saw her in a old X-Files episode. Didn't know who she was until looking at hew profile.


Sorry, I was referring to Miss Tracy Ellis.

Randy Mc

I give props to Sam Dann for writing a Romantic-Mystery. Guy De Maupassant (played by John Beal) becomes a Couples Counselor for his middle-aged friend Henri Lantin (played by Court Benson) and 18 year old Celeste (played by Tracy Ellis). Henri & Celeste do have chemistry. She is sincere to Henri, but the mystery in this CBSRMT episode is when Henri becomes insecure about the relationship. He has doubts, he has anxiety, he has fears that the relationship with his young dainty wife could end at any minute. There's an old saying that "Analysis causes paralysis" and that's exactly what Henri deals with. And since this is a story involving Guy De Maupassant, you know there's going to be a twisted ending! My hat is off to this perfect cast: John Beal, Court Benson, and Tracy Ellis. The music is compassionate at the 33-minute 48-second mark. But at the 35-minute 8-second mark, the music makes you feel heartbroken. E.G. Marshall's Epilogue is attentive when he explains the "Leave Well Enough Alone" meaning. This is a cautionary tale that if you got a good thing going, do not mess it up. Don't fix what isn't broken. I highly recommend this episode to those that enjoy stories of Romance. Listen to Episode #0276-THE DIAMOND NECKLACE right after this episode. It a "gem."


Not a supernatural or horrifying tale but this is one of the best RMT exclusive of the mentioned categories. Acting and sound quality was superb. I was hanging on to every word. Well done! A gem, even though the actors didn't really sound French.


One of the most delightful RMT episodes. Nicely done. Nicely acted, written, edited. Good recording, too.




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