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Let George Do It


In order to exact revenge on her cheating spouse, an unhappy housewife seduces a traveling salesman and convinces him to murder her stockbroker husband.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 2, 1980
  • Repeat - September 23, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 1090

A man breaks down in a small town and seeks help from the local garage. After a lengthy search for the right part, he is directed to a gift shop to kill time while his car is being fixed. There he meets an attractive and straightforward woman with whom he engages in a rather fun flirtatious exchange. The two agree to meet for lunch and strike up an affair that leads to deception against his wife, and murder plots against her much older, much wealthier husband.


SPOILER ALERT: I really hope that, at the end, Russell Horton's character doesn't plan on hanging up the phone and leaving it at that, letting "George do it" and get away with it. Poor old intended-victim-man!


This is a simple, peculiar, but good, episode about human nature, greed, lust, and chance. Take a chance on it!


It was an entertaining, if formulaic, story at first, but then the ending had a great, unexpected turn. I don’t want to spoilt it, so I’ll just say I disagree with EG ‘s comments after the show. I don’t think the conversation with the mechanic at the end was a “casual” one. The mechanic was too perceptive for that.


Surprisingly memorable episode. Russell Horton makes the most of his opportunity to play completely against type(cast) and manages to be both unsavory and relatable at the same time. Evie Juster is especially excellent as the wife. Great writing. Have added to my top ten episodes

Melanie C

Really loved this one! Don’t know why but the ending really surprised me!


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