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The End of the Rainbow


Life becomes complicated for a lonesome housewife when she finds herself picked up by a handsome stranger at a singles bar and accompanies him to a nearby town infamous for heavy gambling.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 31, 1980
  • Repeat - July 15, 1980





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13 Responses to Episode 1072

I have to say I think this episode would have to be among the top five of te several hundred I have heard so far, good moral story,(almost immoral) good ending.


Very good 'Theatre of the Mind'! We have plenty of Talk Radio programs, but few that take us away from our daily lives. We are focused on a flat screen of reality. Wish Radio Dramas and Serials would return. I can imagine Carlotta as my imagination 'sees' appropriate. I was able to enjoy and multitask work at the same time. You should give it a try. This was aired in 1980. My how entertain like this disappeared in 32 years! Before the tube, this was the entertainment... Old books are classics, we do not dismiss or discard them even today. It moved to iPads, Kindles, and the like! I shout 'bring real radio back!'. The 'Day the Music Died', the Radio Theatre sadly did as well. Thank you for these treats of yesteryear! Bravo!


What a great episode! RMT once again presents great entertainment with food for thought. Great program for anyone married or thinking about getting married.


I don't like to give away the endings, or even what happens during the program as I feel it ruins it for the listener who then constantly waits for certain foretold events to happen during the program, etc. Having said that, this is a hard program to tell much about without going into detail. So, don't read this review and just go listen to the program and you'll find that this is a program that will hold your attention. This is the kind of mystery that I like to listen to. If you do want details, here are some (but certainly not all) to entice you into listening: A woman has grown tired of her husband's constant job-related traveling and feels neglected. She's not the type but she gets mad enough to go to a singles bar during one of his trips. There, she's approached by a smooth-talking fellow who is also away from home on a business trip. He offers a little excitement and suggests that she accompany him on a two-hour drive to a casino that she has never been to before. She is reluctant but decides to live it up for once and go with him. They start out driving are soon out in the middle of nowhere on this 120 mile plus trip. Spoiler alert: A problem develops as this fellow seems to have a heart attack while driving! Now, she has trouble and wishes she had made different choices this evening. This is more information than I like to give but this is a good program. Give it a listen. It kept my attention.

Jack Barnet

While not in my Top 5, "The End of the Rainbow" is one of my Top 10 favorite CBSRMT episodes of all time. A relatively simple story made interesting through Sam Dann's great character development and dialogue. The acting performances are simply stellar. As a child (and for that matter, as an adult) I remember being scared out of my wits as Carlotta (Teri Keane) hears the approaching wild animals while stranded roadside alone and in the dark in the middle of a desolate wilderness. It was almost like I was there with her (shudder). The bickering between long-married spouses in the beginning is perfect; countered by a playfully warm and reconciliatory reunion between the two in a hotel bar at story's end. You get a sense that if this marriage has a chance at jump-starting, as it appears, then ANY marriage has a chance. Five stars out of five - Juror 4

Juror 4

The main character in this radio play literally "jumps from the frying pan and into the fire!"


Excellent fable on the concept of being happy with ones lot in life- or maybe it's all just a nightmare...


Hahahaha! I love my husband but if I ever decided to "step out" on him, this would happen to me! LOVE Terri Keane! Always have since I heard her in the 1970s in the Eavesdropper.


a very good RMT play 2 listen 2. A lot of times, unusual twists of f8 that cause rough ordeals kinda makes u appreci8 things u already have. Carlotta seems 2 have a gr8r appreci8shn 4 Jim after her rough ordeal with the "playboy" & then the drunken driver & when they reunite in the last few minutes of the play, they have a gr8r appreci8shn 4 each other. Sometimes these things can open our i's really wide even if they're fictional stories. In other words they can be applied 2 real life circumstances, in my opinion. This story warmed my heart! Plz keep'em coming! :o)


I had a hard time enjoying this episode. I understand that things were different in the 70’s, but I kept getting frustrated how helpless and naive the main character was. First of all, she spends her days enjoying her husbands money, while complaining that he’s gone so much. Instead of getting a job or a hobby or some friends, she goes to a bar and picks up a stranger. Then later, when she has to go for help in a life or death situation, she wastes time complaining about going outside. Then she wastes more time worrying about her name being in the papers (this character doesn’t prove to have a lot of foresight or common sense, so her concern here feels a bit out of place). I kind of hated her more and more as the story went on.


Thought of the Wizard of Oz for this story: Dorothy - Carlotta; Wizard - Police Officer; Scarecrow - The man in the bar (ie. not being prepared w/ his car and taking care of his health); Cowardly Lion - Her husband (not facing his wife's concerns); Tin Man - The drunk in the car (had no heart for his fellow human being); Ruby Shoes - aka her purse; Moral of the story even fits: “If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with… There’s no place like home.”

Phyllis Zinanni

I love the piano music during the early lounge scene when Carlotta and Terry flirt. It practically puts me at some classy darkened bar a few seats away eavesdropping on their conversation which drips of sexual tension. I can envision some old piano master tickling away at the ivories with a huge tip bowl in front of him. Does anyone have any details about the score or its source? It would be perfect for background music for a quiet night entertaining friends. This is one of my Top 10 favorite episodes. - Juror #4

Juror #4

This episode is a solid TEN. Can’t believe I just tripped across it. The acting is so fine, because Mandel and Teri really have known each other for so many years, as have we listeners. And hats off to Bob Kaliban for a really entertaining philanderer. Can’t blame Carlotta for getting into that mess. That heart attack was just excruciatingly painful to listen to in the dark. I do wonder, though, did Carlotta go to that bar wearing heels or running shoes?


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