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Laundry Money


When he unwittingly becomes part of a money laundering scheme, an accountant falls victim to the murderous plot of his best friend and wife- who both plan on hastening his demise.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 3, 1980
  • Repeat - June 17, 1980





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14 Responses to Episode 1064

Great ending! Didn't see that coming! Love Larry Haines!


Was interesting to hear what I assume was Evie Juster's real voice as the wife in this one, as well as her more typical voice as the secretary. Good story.

AZ Mountain Geek

"Try to look surprised!" LOL.

Bill King

I figured out the ending as soon as the car wouldn't brake. Nobody could be as stupid as that husband.

Bill King

it is so funny to hear. Larry Haines talk to miss Alvarez.

Ed Hayes

I loved this one. Has to be one of the best ones. I think Miss Alvarez fixed the brakes.


I think Hi Brown played the store owner...a great episode.


Unintentional funny bit in the first act. Keeping with the theme of the the title laundry they have Evie Juster do Simon Wilson's secretary with a hilariously stereotypical Japanese accent speaking English aka Charlie Chan. Yet for some strange reason her name is Miss Alvarez. I suppose even in 1980 CBS could only hire white actors to play non white characters. They could not just have hired a real Japanese actress to play the part.

D.C. Klinkensmit

Simon Wilson discovers, by accident, that his long-time lawyer friend, Charlie Wentworth, is arranging for large sums of money to be laundered in Mexico. But he hasn’t discovered that his wife, Ramona, is involved with Charlie in the get-rich-quick scheme. When she tells Charlie that Simon knows not about them, but about the money, the big boys decree that Simon must go. But Simon bests a hit man ready to kill him with an automatic revolver and miraculously evades a speeding auto. Angered by these failures, the big boys order Charlie and Romana to do the job themselves.


I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. One of the best Suspense Thrillers that Sam Dann has written! If this episode was a book/novella, this would be a page-turner. Perfect story line with a satisfactory ending that would even be great to show on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall quoted Brutus from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar about a tide in the affairs of men. Which is good, because that ties in with our story involving an affair of money & relationships. In ACT-1, meet our main character who is an accountant. In ACT-2, Virtue vs. Murder and our main character escaped death twice. In ACT-3, perseverance is an attribute and the antagonists’ demises. In his Epilogue, our Host conducts 3 possibilities of their deaths. In my opinion, I’d go with the 3rd possibility. The sound effects of the intercom, doors, envelope, telephone, car tires screeching, footsteps, market bell, body thud, papers, typewriter, desk drawer, traffic noise, car engine and its crashing were helpful and suspenseful. The music tunes they used were suspenseful too, especially the ones they played before E.G. Marshall’s closing narrations in each Act. And my favorite part in this episode was the cast: Larry Haines (as Simon Wilson), Evie Juster (as Ms. Alvarez and Ramona Wilson), and Earl Hammond (as Charlie Wentworth, Armed Robber, and the Detective). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown played Jack. These 3 deserve a round of applause for their involvement in this. One in particular, is Larry Haines. A terrific actor that always played characters that are paranoid and edgy. I highly recommend this to everyone that enjoys a good Drama-Mystery. SPECIAL BONUS: This episode has commercials for Chrysler-Plymouth and American Lung Association. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


Early in the first act; “I’m teetering on the brink”. (Close to firing his secretary) Love the way Larry Haines delivers that line to Miss Alvarez. And then, “The edge of the ledge, Miss Alvarez”. Haha. What a great actor! Very amusing the way he delivers those lines, and for that alone it was worth it to me to listen once again. =-) “Two outs in the ninth, Miss Alavarez”. 😄 I recommend.


Worth a listen just for Larry Haines. His agitated delivery during the episode conjures a slightly mussed hair, shaking his head and hands as he gets wound up. And the sound quality is good as well.


I would listen to a whole season of Larry and Miss Alvarez.

Sir Dude



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