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That's What Friends Are For


A British officer stationed in India is plagued by a bag-pipe playing ghost. His licentious fiancee demands that he do something about it, and he soon discovers that the spirit was merely trying to warn him against his faithless bride-to-be.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 4, 1980
  • Repeat - May 20, 1980





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12 Responses to Episode 1056

Good sound quality on this one... but terrible script.


A bagpipe playing ghost comes between a man and his fiancee. It seems that truly anything can happen in India.

William Arse

Maybe it is a poor script, but it is notable because if you are a fan of ghost stories, how many times do you get a bag-pipe playing ghost? My one question is are these real bag-pipes the ghost is playing such as a pipe organ playing in a church when there is nobody (alive) in the church, or are these phantom bag-pipes that only exist in the ghostly realm? A similar question is when a ghost is a soul surviving their bodily death, where do they find their ghostly clothes?


I live a good bag-pipe story!


Great sound, and another funny ghost like the wee matey, Canterville.

Scooter D and the end of the Greens

Ok. With Mr. Dann being such a prolific writer, he’s bound to write some duds. So I was tempted to give this a down vote but could not bring myself to do so. Neither can I recommend this one. A light hearted ghost story, but dull I’m afraid.


I'm sorry. I generally really enjoy Radio Mystery Theater. But, I, honestly, couldn't wait for this one to be over.

jim shane

I agree that this episode is not a great suspenseful story but all the actors performed excellently! Their accents were very well done and I think they fed off of each other especially the two main characters.


I was going to skip this episode after reading the synopsis, but I'm glad I didn't! I actually enjoyed listening to a light-hearted, comical episode. I thought it was hilarious! I actually want to share this with my daughter. I think she will like it even though she's typically not interested in the podcasts that I listen to.


Good story, and well played! I'll be searching through my Kipling books to read the whole thing!

Jim K.

Scotchman!!! You've made an enemy for life! It's Scotsman!!


That servant's accent was all over the place. Annoying to listen to him.

Commodore's Watch

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