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That's What Friends Are For


A British officer stationed in India is plagued by a bag-pipe playing ghost. His licentious fiancee demands that he do something about it, and he soon discovers that the spirit was merely trying to warn him against his faithless bride-to-be.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 4, 1980
  • Repeat - May 20, 1980





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10 Responses to Episode 1056

Good sound quality on this one... but terrible script.


A bagpipe playing ghost comes between a man and his fiancee. It seems that truly anything can happen in India.

William Arse

Maybe it is a poor script, but it is notable because if you are a fan of ghost stories, how many times do you get a bag-pipe playing ghost? My one question is are these real bag-pipes the ghost is playing such as a pipe organ playing in a church when there is nobody (alive) in the church, or are these phantom bag-pipes that only exist in the ghostly realm? A similar question is when a ghost is a soul surviving their bodily death, where do they find their ghostly clothes?


I live a good bag-pipe story!


Great sound, and another funny ghost like the wee matey, Canterville.

Scooter D and the end of the Greens

Ok. With Mr. Dann being such a prolific writer, he’s bound to write some duds. So I was tempted to give this a down vote but could not bring myself to do so. Neither can I recommend this one. A light hearted ghost story, but dull I’m afraid.


I'm sorry. I generally really enjoy Radio Mystery Theater. But, I, honestly, couldn't wait for this one to be over.

jim shane

I agree that this episode is not a great suspenseful story but all the actors performed excellently! Their accents were very well done and I think they fed off of each other especially the two main characters.


I was going to skip this episode after reading the synopsis, but I'm glad I didn't! I actually enjoyed listening to a light-hearted, comical episode. I thought it was hilarious! I actually want to share this with my daughter. I think she will like it even though she's typically not interested in the podcasts that I listen to.


Good story, and well played! I'll be searching through my Kipling books to read the whole thing!

Jim K.

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