Corrine Orr (Actor)

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(01-06-1936 - ) Age 87

Corrine Orr is best known for her voice work in animation. She is the last surviving cast member of the English language cast of Speed Racer.



She appeared in the following 8 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
02/13/1974 0037 Dig Me Deadly Archaeology students dig out an ancient decomposed corpse of a woman attached to a skeleton and a female detective is recruited to reveal the mystery behind it.
04/08/1974 0070 The Locked Room The bride's mother plays villain in the life of a newly wed couple. She is convinced the boy has married her not-too-beautiful daughter simply for her wealth and plans a nasty surprise for him.
05/29/1974 0098 The Phantom Lullaby The caring parents of a young woman rent her a luxurious house to recuperate from a bitter affair and an abortion. But trouble seems to shadow her footsteps as a resident spirit in the apartment haunts her.
11/18/1974 0175 The Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee While on a boat trip, a young couple and their daughter become lost in the dense fog. The spirit of a woman lures them to a strange island whose sole inhabitant proves to have questionable motives.
01/07/1975 0198 The Murders in the Rue Morgue In order to solve the case of a vicious attack on a young girl in a locked room, an ambitious police investigator enlists the services of a newbie detective. The man makes a unique suggestion.
03/10/1977 0614 The Pleading Voice A teenage girl recovering from an illness hears a disembodied voice beg to be let into a ruined building on the property. Her father and their minister explore the ruins to learn the source of the voice.
07/04/1977 0676 Boomerang A young witch tries to enlist the aid of Satan in order to deploy spells against the man who continues to spurn her. But they always backfire and end up hurting her.
02/16/1978 0783 Something in the Air A father attempts to stop his young girl from consenting to what he deems to be a poor match with an older man with little financial standing. But a strange psychic link seems to bring the two together despite his best attempts, even with the couple helping!

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Corrine Orr's voice on Mystery Theater was always young, feminine, and fresh. She had the ability to sound young--which many female actresses could not on Mystery Theater. I just listened to The Phantom Lyllaby where Miss Orr did an fantastic job.


Corinne Orr (born January 6, 1936) is a Canadian-born American stage, radio, film, television, voice actress and advertising spokeswoman. She is currently living in the United States. She is best known for her work on the English version of the anime series Speed Racer.

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