John Vickery (Actor)

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(11-04-1950 - ) Age 73

John Vickery is known for his work on Babylon 5 and the Star Trek franchise.


He appeared in the following 3 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
03/22/1982 1305 The Tool Shed In order to do a feature on him, a London Time's reporter travels to the countryside home of an author renowned for his occult-themed works. While there, he discovers the strange sketches in the tool shed and meets the farm's eccentric inhabitants.
03/29/1982 1308 On the Night of the Dead In a village ravaged by sickness and hunger, a group of women pin their hopes for salvation on a man claiming to be a god. Meanwhile, their cynical leader demands proof of his powers.
05/26/1982 1333 Why Is This Lady Smiling? In this fictional tale set in the year 1498, Leonardo da Vinci is commissioned to paint the image of a silk merchant's wife. Playfully altering the woman's natural smile, he came up with a masterpiece that will eventually become an integral part of art history, the Mona Lisa.

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John Vickery (1308,1305,1333) known for his broadway appearances and in heavy makeup on some of the star trek spin-off series.


I just did a quick scan of ST cast and the only other crossover I spotted was Julie Newmar. If there are others I might have missed them so I'd be curious to know.


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