Louis Turenne (Actor)

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(11-26-1933 - ) Age 85

Louis Turenne most recently worked on the Babylon 5 TV series.


He appeared in the following 12 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
10/16/1981 1251 J'Accuse After being accused of treason, a French officer is exiled to Devil 's Island despite his professed innocence. An ambitious reporter exposes the story and spearheads a national campaign to liberate him.
11/06/1981 1257 The Rescue A Jewish fugitive escapes Vichy France in a beat-up aircraft together with a crippled flight instructor.
12/07/1981 1266 The White Rabbit In order to unite the scattered factions into a solid group, a British secret agent teams up with the French Underground during World War II.
12/22/1981 1269 Invited Guests After repeatedly turning down the social gathering invitations of his peers, his former lover attempts to discover his reasons, only to stumble upon the man's disturbing and horrifying secret.
01/26/1982 1282 To Be an Empress The powerful tale of the struggles of Catherine the Great and her ascension from minor aristocracy to the Russian throne.
02/08/1982 1287 Change of Heart Business magnate Roger Skipworth is rushed to the hospital for an open-heart surgery a few days after the end of his engagement. He recalls the parting words of his fiancée in which she likened him to a pig when he begins to exhibit swine-like tendencies after the heart valve replacement.
03/26/1982 1307 In the Cards A classic recounting of the life of Empress Josephine's obsession with the esoteric, and her passionate affair with Napoleon Bonaparte.
06/04/1982 1337 My First Rogue A French detective plays a dangerous game of hide-and-seek with a sophisticated and wily art thief.
07/02/1982 1346 Bring Back My Body A psychologist attempts to balance out a woman with split personalities in order to save her from the vindictive rage of one of her personas.
07/27/1982 1355 Adolph and Eva The beautiful Eva Braun recounts the last days in her life with the feared and hated Adolf Hitler.
10/20/1982 1384 Last Days of a Dictator A tragic tale of the rise and fall of one of history's greatest dictators during World War II, Benito Mussolini.
11/02/1982 1389 The Sensible Thing After deciding to marry his assistant, a widower discovers that his wife is incapable of love and that she has a strange and unhealthy attachment to her dog.

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Louis Turenne (born November 26, 1933) is a Canadian movie and television actor whose career has spanned over 20 years. Turenne is of French Canadian descent, having been born in Montreal, Quebec. In the 1980s, he played the role of Antony Saxon on The Edge of Night. More recently, Turenne was known for his work on the Babylon 5 television series. Turenne played the Minbari Draal in the first season two-part episode "A Voice in the Wilderness".


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