Stella Moss (Writer)

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Arnold Moss both wrote and performed in several episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater. He appeared in the Star Trek episode "The Conscience of the King". His wife, Stella was an accomplished writer. Mr Moss created several NY Times Crossword puzzles. They are the parents of Frank Moss, one of the original writers for Sesame Street and the creator of Cookie Monster.

He appeared in the following 2 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
03/07/1977 0612 Beyond the Barrier A young scientist is terribly injured in a car crash. While in the hospital, he has an out of body experience that propels him into the past. While there, he meets and comes to terms with all the people that greatly impacted his life.
12/05/1977 0750 The Lost Tomorrows A pair of American adventurers set on a trip to a sacred Yucatan cave to retrieve antique artifacts despite dire warnings from the locals not to trespass on the premises.

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