Victoria Dann (Writer)

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Victoria Dann penned eight CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes.


She appeared in the following 14 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
03/24/1975 0244 The Deadly Double An evil twin escapes from mental asylum to hijack her sane sister's life and switch places with her. But can she carry out her role even with her sister's boyfriend as her sister tries to claw her way out of the asylum?
06/13/1977 0664 First Woman in Space The first woman in space returns to earth with an alien living within her --- an alien that will fight her for control of her body and survival in her new environment.
08/22/1977 0698 Return to Pompeii An American widow tours Italy with her colleague. When their tour bus breaks down, they are forced to walk to Pompeii. There, the widow has a strange dream.
09/16/1977 0710 Death on Project X A weapons investigator runs into trouble with a routine check at a facility as he meets an apparently deranged scientist who lets him know that they have manufactured the ultimate weapon and plan to utilize it soon.
10/19/1977 0726 The Island on Silver Tree Lake A lady is forced to catch a boat ride to an island resort after an accident with her car. The island has a strange name and she ends up as an unwilling participant in a mystery.
11/15/1977 0741 A Point of Time Set in the future 2057, North America is controlled by a savage autocrat. A scientist brother and sister pair come up with a plan to alter his past and make him a little more compassionate. They decide to send an officer into his past in order to effect this.
12/26/1977 0759 The Ghosts of Yesterday A socialite past her prime is asked to identify the person responsible for the death of her family and her whole village in a war pogrom. But she is long past those events and disinclined to raise the curtain on her less than modest background for the fear of endangering her present.
02/09/1978 0779 All Unregistered Aliens All illegal immigrants might not be what they seem like! A female doctor discovers this to her cost as she treats a wounded one, but his body vanishes after his death. And it is not a cheap trick to fool the immigration department as she suspects...
07/10/1978 0861 Sound Advice A columnist finds himself honour bound to pursue the case of a woman whom she had advised to walk out on her husband and was found dead the very next day.
10/11/1978 0904 The Man in Black After witnessing a murder in an area surrounding the embassies in Washington, D.C., a woman is pitched into an international conspiracy as the police seek to solve the crime.
05/25/1981 1202 The Innocent Face After falling head-over-heels in love with a smooth-talking professional con man after moving to California, a plain Jane from Arkansas unknowingly smuggles diamonds across the border for him.
06/08/1981 1208 Stranded After an unexpected accident, a duo of scientists is forced to make an emergency landing on a strange planet in a nearby solar system. The planet's inhabitants soon visit them.
03/08/1982 1299 First Impressions On board a commercial flight to accompany a woman extradited for skipping bail on her husband's murder earnestly protests her guilt. When he notices several inconsistencies in the evidence presented, he begins to believer her.
03/19/1982 1304 The Magic Stick of Manitu In order to establish ties with a musical race from another galaxy, the assistant of an interstellar diplomat becomes enchanted with the alien nation; meanwhile her boss devises the best way to exploit them.

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That photo is of a real estate agent with the name Victoria Dann -- not of the author of CBSRMT scripts.


Yes I am not enjoying seeing this realtor lady with her fake teeth and sad hair in place of the actual writer's photo.


I am wondering if Victoria Dann is still alive. Having been an adult the late 70s to early 80s you never know who is still alive and who isn't. It's a shame this radio series was never given the mass renown it deserved and that so many people involved in it remain unknown.


Victoria Dann is still alive and working for NYU. She continues to foster creative and shape the up and coming creative minds at Tisch School of the Arts

Rob Bob Robertson

Does anyone else wonder if Victoria Dann is related to Sam Dann?


Were Sam Dann and Victoria Dann related? If so, how? What she his daugher?


a GREATpoint/counterpoint on the RMT is to listen to these two plays by father and daughter: first Mr. Dann's "The memory killers", and second, his daughter Victoria's "The ghosts of yesterday". They both deal with the same subject: cruelty by the Nazi regime to non-Jewish victims during wartime, though two different types of victims. It's fascinating to see how Mr. Dann, the World War II veteran, treated the subject vs. how his daughter (whose play was, I think, obliquely influenced by the Dustin Hoffman film "Marathon man" which came out the year before her play first aired) wrote hers.


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