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The Missing Day


When he cannot account for a period in his life, the manager of a nuclear research facility must trace his steps to reclaim his missing day.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 14, 1979
  • Repeat - August 3, 1979





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7 Responses to Episode 0954

Just a note that it was WBBM (newsradio 78 and the local CBS outlet) that aired Mystery Theater in Chicago, not WLS, which was an ABC top 40 station at the time. I know that, because I listened to almost every episode on WBBM from an old transistor radio a couple hundred miles away in Iowa.


I remember listening to this very episode when I was a kid living in Arlington Heights IL back in the late '70's. I would stay up late and listen on WLS AM 890 out of Chicago. I was fascinated with radio and especially with Mystery Theater.

Tyson Swanson

Tyson, i listened to it as well back in the early seventies. This site has been a godsend. Favorite actors/actresses are t keane, r horton,and m kramer.


Those three actors are my favorites too! Also Larry Haines and Ralph Bell. Well, and Norman Rose with his mellifluous voice.

Melanie C

First of all, I wanna take the time to commend the extreme clarity of the audio in this episode. All the skullduggery taking place in the play makes me think of the things that a certain lady who wanted be POTUS might do who'd look better in a jail cell(she's ALWAYS scheming). This story also reminds me of a movie made around the time of the Korean War called the Lost Weekend where the main character doesn't get his memory by being zapped but overindulges in alcoholic beverages & has hallucinations & the like. A very good radio play. I disagree with host, Hyman Brown, during the closing epilogue narration of how mankind are the only 1's who terrify or make war with ourselves. Chimpanzees go around in their clans like gangs do & have gang-like rumbles.....& heaven help any person that dares 2 get too close 2 the Chimp's actions. Anyway.....until next time.....pleasant dreams. :o)


Not a good name to misspell. It’s Himan Brown.


National security level thefts of nuclear reactors, uranium, and gold are investigated by a small town sheriff. Ridiculous but not bad.

Commodore's watch

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