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Nefertiti (5 of 5) - The Curse of the Scarab


Nefertiti arranges a traditional ceremony invoking all the gods to witness her daughter's passing and Akhenatan has her arrested for heresy. In an attempt to slay Nefertiti, Akhenatan meets his demise.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 12, 1979
  • Repeat - August 10, 1979





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Nefertiti, distraught over the death of her daughter, flees with her children on a ship to a tomb she has had created for herself. There she sees to the burial of her daughter in her own fashion as she doubts the religious road she and her husband have taken. Akhenaten is, of course, outraged at this and tracks them down. He takes possession of the body and performs a ceremony more suited to the message they are preaching. Nefertiti vows to reject entirely their previous work and refuses to acknowledge the god she and Akhenaten had praised before. She is taken into custody and imprisoned. Akhenaten has grown since the first episode and has grown into the power of his position and perhaps, even surpassed it.


If you look at the photo of bow-tied Russell Horton above, you might think he's more suitable to play a country bumpkin or the Trix Rabbit (and yes, he's played both). But in this, the last episode of the 5 part Nefertiti series he really shows us his acting chops. In my opinion, he gives one of the strongest emotional performances in any episode of RMT, playing Akhenatan as he goes insane. Bravo Mr. Horton - I get goose bumps on a couple of your lines :) And Tammy Grimes holds her own agaist him as Nefertiti. This is a great series that was produced during the Tutankaman art exhibit tour back in the late 70s, hence E.G. Marshall's comments on America's fascination with all things Egyptian.

AZ Mountain Geek

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