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The Trouble with Ruth


Despite her best attempts, a kleptomaniac falls back into her old ways and is found out by some thieves. They blackmail her to rob a diamond pin or they will reveal her true nature to her husband.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 16, 1974
  • Repeat - August 11, 1974
  • Repeat - March 14, 1980





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12 Responses to Episode 0093

Excellent episode. I should have seen the ending coming, but didn't. Crime drama; no supernatural elements.


Really well-acted episode. I wish more people were able to take the time to know the difference between a shoplifter and a kleptomaniac. Very effective, compact drama.


She stole the man in the stocking mask's pen, engraved with the name of the owner, J. M. Hutchins at Barnett's Department Store. "The moral might be never steal anything small particularly if it's a diamond pin worth $50K... The only trouble with Ruth was going to be a little one". Ruth is pregnant! which means she and her husband will stay together!


A kleptomaniac trying to go straight is blackmailed when she relapses. Jewel thieves demand that she steal a diamond pin for them or they will tell her husband who will divorce her. Well developed main character. You can almost feel sorry for her in her desperate situation.

Mr. Caparas

Ruth Moody is a kleptomaniac. She's just gotten stopped for pilfering merchandise at a department store. She's also in the "book" that is circulated among department stores in certain cities (or used to's all probably internet based now) of known people with such illnesses. (Anyone remember the old "All in the family" series when Edith Bunker put something in her purse without thinking about it, was caught and photographed for such a book, then later finds something else she wasn't aware of in her purse at home...she screamed to Archie "I'm a klepper" and ran up the stairs. Very moving episode). Ruth's husband is a clean, high up person in the budget office of their city government, and she's very afraid of what might happen to him should her condition become known. Ruth is contacted by two mysterious men, one quite sunburned, the other (whom she meets in a dump of a downtown hotel) who concoct a scheme to steal a $50,000 diamond necklace. They'll create a diversion in a store, she'll pilfer the necklace and give it to them. She refuses at first, then gives in. I'm a bit perplexed by how Ruth didn't get into more "trouble" in this episode, but once again this is an interesting display of CBSRMT morals. The two criminals who know of Ruth say she can't help her condition, so she's pretty much not got responsibility for it. Her loving husband confronts her that this is indeed an illness and she needs help for it. He also admits to his own wrongdoing in how he did or didn't treat her earlier. Interesting episode.

Martin Floyd

A compulsive kleptomaniac is unable to control her affliction and fears for the political career of her husband because of her actions. She is blackmailed into participating in a larger more elaborate crime .

Susan Summers

In listening to the episode, and hearing all the references to Ruth going to visit the doctor, I almost wondered if there would be a twist ending in that Ruth's husband, working with the jewelry store, staged this whole caper in a way to "shock" Ruth out of her kleptomania. While I did like the ending of this episode, it almost seemed like a pasted-on twist.

Chuck Miller

Ruth has such a tremendous caring husband. She is extremely lucky to have him as a devoted husband. Ruth continues to see her doctor till she is cured of her sickness. And it's no wonder why she is so emotional half the time as she & her husband will converse about a new topic that will consume most of her time in the future. A much happier topic. I


Not one of my favorites. Just kind of OK. 3 stars.


Not a very smart thief if he brings in his own embossed pens but thinks to cover his face with a stocking (nor try to disguise his voice). I thought it was a nice twist that her kleptomania helped her out of the situation. An interesting idea, but unlikely to have worked out as her husband pointed out the truth (the clerk remembering her and how she somehow no longer has the item).


An interesting episode, different from the usual storylines on RMT but a good moral teaching. Blackmail is such an ugly crime and she was so ashamed and cared about her husband, who seems a really stand up guy. A good ending as she was telling the truth and was going to get help with her disease. Loved the sound effects. Missed the usual commercials and news but they had some good ones at the end.


Wow, there are some big holes in this plot! So many big holes. Anyway, it's not like I'm out criming, but I suppose it's a good thing I don't walk around with a pen with my name on it. I love that the husband recognized that she was using a pen that wasn't hers. The number of times my dad noted whether the pen my mom was using was hers or some stranger's = 0. I was a kid in the '70s and I don't remember pens being so personal, but maybe my family was too poor to have fancy pens with individuals' names on them. (Not that that's the biggest hole. I think the biggest is the ludicrous premise that "you haven't been prosecuted for spur-of-the-moment petty thefts, so that proves you can't be prosecuted for pre-meditated major larceny." Sure, that tracks. Of course! She should be out robbing more jewelers and banks and such.


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