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Voices of Death


The apparition of a dead producer Peter Truro returns to haunt the actor Jason Phillips through his television set. The ghost repeatedly asks him to murder his wife Claire. The irate Jason is forced to consult a medium and a psychiatrist but soon gives way to believing the apparition. He must utilize all his resources to save Claire every time Truro aggressively frames the circumstances.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 14, 1974
  • Repeat - December 14, 1974





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12 Responses to Episode 0091

I still hate it when the villain gets away with his crimes--even if he committed them while dead! Ghost story.


A corporate executive's colleagues think he is losing his mind when he begins to claim to hear strange voices coming from an old crystal radio -- both voices from the past and voices that seem to spell doom for the world. The man decides he must try to save the world from destruction. The problem: only he seems to be able to hear the mysterious voices. I found this story intriguing but the ending was definitely confusing. Genre - Drama/Fantasy

Nerissa Bakers

A radio manufacturing executive discovers an old crystal set of his own design at a garage sale. through the set, he hears a man and a woman discussing the ultimate fate of mankind, with the woman begging for just one more day for the human race. He sets out to convince humanity to change its wicked ways.


An actor is tormented through the television set by the ghost of a dead producer who wants him to kill his widow.

Amor Powers

An actor is haunted by the ghost of a director whose wife had cheated on him, and had caused the actor to lose a part in a play. The ghost wants him to kill his wife for breaking her promise to be true forever. The actor is not unsympathetic as he would like revenge over the loss of that choice job. The episode then plays out the actor’s moral battle with his own sense of right and wrong, along with the urging of the ghost.


This is certainly a different episode. Without meaning to, it was a comedy. The banter between Jason and Peter was comical. The ending was predictable to say the least. Still, a good listen. 4 stars.


The episode was unique. He only heard the ghost from the tv , however as time went on that darn ghost was mind controlling all over the place. I really did enjoy the production.

Bruce Lozanoff

I agree !!!!


This episode made me wonder why the ghost didn't do something more directly himself. He seemed to be able to manipulate many people directly, but perhaps it was because the actor was already mad at the woman and he just built it up more. Kind of strange how she sat where the mannequin had been previously. Also, if the ghost could keep the lights from turning on, couldn't he have done something else to kill her? Just questions that came to me. I thought it was still an okay episode.


Enjoyable episode, different type of ghost story. Truro was a good character and really made the episode entertaining by being such a wily ghost! Also liked listening to the old commercials and the news of Watergate, you do need a program to follow the players!


Mandel Kramer AND Ralph Bell together in one episode is a dream come true! The plot reminded me of a campfire story where one person starts it and everyone adds to it. It got silly. Terrific episode.

Melanie C

Agree 100% with you Nancy.👍

Cash H

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