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The Other Soul


On a trip to Greece, a young doctor is given a card with something written in Greek. When he attempts to get it deciphered by showing it to others, they get to know a dirty secret about him that they cannot divulge.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 25, 1978
  • Repeat - February 27, 1979





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7 Responses to Episode 0884

Best episode ever at least through 884 of them. IT drew me in and I was late for work, I had to hear it in it's entirety!

Jaime Gonzales

Goodness!! Another great episode that I am the first to comment on!!! Third in a row, how odd. First Silver Medal, then Flash Point, and now this, The Other Soul. This story was very intriguing, it doesn't turn out how you expect ! There are several episodes that begin on expeditions or group hikes into caves and ancient ruins, but this is much different! An early clue is easily glossed over when the doctor is questioned by the police. Really quite dark.


Greece....Rome....they're all the same....whatever.


Awesome episode! Happy Halloween wit greens! What does the card say???? Stay tuned!'n

Scooter D & wonder greens

Cbsrmt is now educational. In all my years I never knew the Catacombs of Rome were located in Greece. Thanks for the info, RMT. I learn something every day.


The same night this was broadcast, on T.V. was the Leonard Bernstein 60th birthday celebration live from the Wolf Trap Farm Park:


Wow!That was suspenseful,terrifying and made me think. One of the most unique/best episodes here.


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