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Cool Killer Karl


A bizarre story of the mother of a victimised family befriending an infamous killer who took them as hostages.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 5, 1978
  • Repeat - October 15, 1978





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7 Responses to Episode 0828

A cold-hearted killer takes a family hostage while hiding from the cops. He is befriended by the mother.

Manzano Kraft

The best part was when mothering had such a strong, calming effect on the killer.

Bobby Williams

I wonder if EG was reflecting 1978 views on criminal justice when he said ‘we prefer to think of him (the criminal) as a man who didn’t know that he was loved’.

Mike Bridgers

Worth a listen but the sound quality is badly muffled.


The Stockholm effect in a positive light. Nice episode! “We are looking for the killer with the mole on his cheek. Karl Hefner.” Not Hugh guys.

Scooter D and a little last Greens

there are a few actors that I love to listen to, one is Fred Gwynne, another is Mason Adams and Mandel Kramer. I heard in the intro that Mason Adams was in this one, and I was looking forward to hearing it, then I heard Mandel Kramer's voice and I got even more interested. The story gets a little strange when he takes a family hostage, but it was interesting


Excellent episode. Mason Adams was excellent as the killer, altho quite obviously not a "young" man. A pity it is so low in the ratings.

Melanie C

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