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The Grandee of Terra Loco


A writer journeys to a little town in Texas to write the life story of a righteous politician after his demise. The enigmatic figure was fabled for his leadership but mysterious notions surround his life and death.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 24, 1978
  • Repeat - September 28, 1978





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3 Responses to Episode 0821

A reporter travels to a small, south Texas town to do a story on the life and death of a legendary small town mayor. When he gets there, he finds a strange conspiracy that he is determined to unravel.

Sheryl Arnaiz

A newspaper reporter whose last name is Leach (happens to be the surname of Texas Tech's current head football coach as well) goes out to the small west Texas town of "Terra Loco" ("crazy earth"? or "crazy ground") to do a story on a recently deceased town leader/benefactor/patron whose nickname was "The Grandee". When he starts talking with people, he starts finding out things that weren't common knowledge about the departed man...things that no one in the town seems to want people to know. The man's widow is apparently oblivious to all that her late spouse was involved in...she's a very nice woman. (West Texas is a pretty friendly place. East Texas isn't too bad, for that matter.) The more the reporter learns, the more hints he's given to get out of town and not say a word about what he's learned. There appears to be a conspiracy fact, there may be dual conspiracies...

Dylan Trejo

This one was an interesting episode:


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