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The Ghost in the Well


An artist is obsessed with painting the portrait of the spirit of a woman as she recounts her tale.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 28, 1978
  • Repeat - August 27, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0806

Very enjoyable. Thank you.


The ghost of a woman who died after "falling" down a well tells her tale to an artist who feels strangely compelled to paint her picture over and over again.

R. Frost

A harlot from the 18th century who slipped and fell down a well tries to blame her ex-boyfriend for her death.

Steve Bergman

This is actually based on a true story. Recently, the podcast Unsolved Murders which combines a storytelling narrative with audio drama did an episode on the real case. Audio drama is getting some new life due to podcasting. The thing about the old dramas from the 40s is the dated sound and the organ music, things like that. Now when today's actors do radio drama or podcast drama, it sounds like they are reading the script from the page much like a high school play. The art of voice acting has been lost. That's what they could learn from CBSRMT. It did not sound like 40s and the actors are wonderfully natural while doing the effects and script especially for audio. The awakening of audio drama is great, but I wish they would study this show for it's skill at voice acting. If you turn off the visual on a movie or tv show, they don't sound like they are reading, nor should a podcast/radio drama. CBSRMT is probably one of the best radio drama's ever produced. It's still as good today as it was back then. The writing, acting, music, narrator and sound effects all come together and the result is golden.


Vikki..I just found Suspense Radio Show, Campfire Radio Theater and Darkest Nights which are better than unsolved mystery podcast. Suspense is the weakest in delivery of the 3 but I like the remake of the old stories.


This is one of the most boring of all CBSRMT episodes. The writer had an idea and got lost on the way to a plot and never reached anything but a long and uninspired story.

Charles Reeger

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