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Vanishing Lady


A man investigates the disappearance of his beloved with no help from the investigating officers and despite the girl's mother trying to dissuade him. He catches wind of a strange character taking care of the fish in her apartment and the intrigue increases. He starts to suspect a convoluted plot by virtually everyone he knows...



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 23, 1978
  • Repeat - July 23, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0787

Very good story line- unexpected. Tony Roberts again gives an believable performance . Ms jester Sounds so girlish and flirty. She was well into her sixties when this story was made. She was believable.

70's baby

I liked it and I think they could have developed the plot so much more. I liked a little bit the twist at the end... *(you will have to listen) :)


At first, it sounded like a good mystery, like it was building up to a terrific twisted climax. However, the reason for Lois Free's (played by Evelyn Juster) disappearance was not what I expected. I expected that her fiancé Peter Carlsen (played by Tony Roberts) would find out that (A) she's a figment of his imagination, (B) he could see her only at night because she turned into a vampire or (C) he finds her missing twin and is posing as her. But instead, it's (D) Lois Free has a "gift" that's useful to the "Powers that be".


I always love the cameos of Himan Brown so listen to a few here. The high quality of the actors is what makes this series so special to me. Growing up, I was always so aware of actors playing multiple roles as a kid and even more so now but Evie Juster could get away with it better than others. Tony Roberts is one of the best actors on the series and seek out his episodes. I love these physcological stories and E G Marshal's commentary only draws you in more.

Paul Liberti

In the midst of making plans for his wedding, Peter Carlsen discovers, to his dismay, that his intended, Lois Free, has vanished. Neither her parents, the police nor the local newspaper are of any help to him. When he finally breaks into her apartment, he meets one of her high school boyfriends, who intimates that because of her extrasensory perception, Lois has been sent on a secret mission for the U.S. government, and that he, Peter, had better not interfere.


I graduated from high school in the mid to late 1970s. I listened to these shows every night. Nothing brings back those times more than hearing stories about ESP. I'm sure that the perception is partly due to the types of shows that I was interested in as a teen, but it seems that half of the shows grappled with the ideas of ESP. There was talk of people disappearing in the streets due to spontaneous combustion. And add to that the stories of UFOs. it was an interesting time to be alive. It almost seemed that if you didn't believe in those things - YOU were the crazy one. So thanks for this show. It allows me to relive some of those years


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