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Family Album


A reporter is sent to Europe to work on the story of the death of an infamous gang member. But his behaviour seems strange soon after his arrival. He unearths some strange facts and is soon sucked into a mysterious world where the crook isn't dead yet but can soon be.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 4, 1978
  • Repeat - June 7, 1978





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11 Responses to Episode 0763

An interesting tale. As a journalist I can relate to the reporter's passion for breaking a news story. Very entertaining!

Mark Taylor-Canfield

I thought the ending was easy to guess pretty early on. the give away I thought was the remark about being having a claim to the money.


I thought it was a very ordinary episode and i think that is why there is little response coming back in. Not really much to work with here - no thought-provoking scenes, bad casting, superior story line. Just a ordinary episode. Sorry I couldn't get motivated by this story.

Luella Cooper

It was a VERY positive show on the role of adoption, and more importantly, on the role of the environment (READ: "Good parenting") vs. genetics in raising adopted kids (or bio ones). (NOTE: For an RMT show that handles this subject in a far different way, and with a much stronger plot twist with Sam Dann at the writer's helm, listen to 761126(?) "Blood will tell" with Mason Adams and Bryna Raeburn.) Not that I'd want any adopted child to hate the "bio" parents which gave them up, but I appreciated the way Hecht's parents (never heard from in the show) were portrayed, and their son's viewpoint of them. It's the difference between being a sperm/egg donor and being a true Dad/Mom. I honestly was intrigued by Hecht's character's reaction as he confronted his "bio" father.


Unfortunately that's all it had going for it. Well almost anyway. I enjoyed listening as usual. This one comes across to me as run of the mill. Which for Mystery theater isn't all that bad anyway. I didn't have a problem with the acting or production in any way. Just an average story.

Timothy Day

One other thing it had going for it...a high-quality preview to "The Laughing Maiden", an EXCELLENT RMT episode whose version floating around leaves something to be desired.


I liked this episode. Sorry, but there's something to be said about getting into the passenger's seat and knowing where the driver is taking you. No big scary surprises, but rather a pleasant twist in the story line. I found the adoption angle to be interesting too. Kind of a nice touch. Is it me, or does RMT sometimes try and slip in those same values as the old Saturday morning specials?


I really enjoyed the CBS RMT adaptation's of the O. Henry's stories such as Tobin's Palm, Two Renegades, Cherchez La Femme. I also think that the scariest episode I remember was "The Ghost With a Knife."


I liked it too. Just a fun caper with a nice wind up at the end.


"Family Picture" was just mediocre at best. It detailed a young reporter--adopted by a loving couple some 25 years before--and how he unexpectedly learns of his biological roots. It sounds interesting, but the story was just slow and dull. 3 stars.


Excellent Story! I give this one 4 stars.

Louis Storo

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