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The Witching Well


A young man goes on a discovery of the past with the death of his father. He heads to an isolated, little village in Ireland and learns its terrifying secret and more about his father and himself than he ever intended to.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 23, 1977
  • Repeat - May 27, 1978





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9 Responses to Episode 0758

Not quite what I was expecting, but out of the 200+ episodes I've listened to so far, this one is defintely near the top of my favorites list...


Had a bit of trouble staying awake through this one, but it might have been the big lunch I had.


Been listening to all of the shows in chronological order and I enjoyed this one the most so far. Great story!


This is a disappointing episode, and the cornball fake Irish brogues don't help one bit. The cast must have watched some Barry Fitzgerald movies to get ready for this one, especially Carol Teitel. It's boring as well.


So confused.... his uncle is his mother's father??


@Margaret, Re-listening again, here's what I learned. Patrick the son speaks to his uncle about how cold and bitter his mother was. The uncle says, "May I remind you you are speaking about my daughter!" So Patrick's mother is Patrick's uncle's daughter. In other words, the uncle is really Patrick's grandfather, but for some family reason that Mystery Theater never explains, Patrick just calls his grandfather by the name of uncle. Wonder if Paul Hecht is still around and could explain that better?


why would you ask Hecht? he just read a script.... if any one could explain things it would be the writer Martin


These old episodes would be infinitely more enjoyable without the shaving advertisement showing the man with the bulging penis about to pop out of his underwear.


Those ads are based on your browser history, so ...

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