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Men Without Mouths


A gangster adopts the daughter of a dead comrade and sees her off faithfully until her happy marriage. With approaching old age however, he is tormented with visions of men without mouths despite the sincere aid from his sworn daughter.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 16, 1974
  • Repeat - July 6, 1974
  • Repeat - February 29, 1980





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21 Responses to Episode 0075

Excellent episode. Very satisfying to discover who the men without mouths are. Suspense, no supernatural elements.


Well-acted psychological drama made even better by the fabulous rumbling voice of "Uncle Joe!"


A former gangster (with a great radio voice) has panic attacks and visualizes men and women without mouths. His "neice" is soon to be married to a young doctor who believes the attacks are borne from guilt. His toment eventually ends but not because of a simple confession. We learn why the men have no mouths in the last few seconds of the play.


A Baritone with a criminal history, men without mouths and an attempt at redemption.

Lady Lane S.

A man's violent criminal past may be coming back to haunt him when he finds himself confronted wherever he goes by men who literally have no mouths. His "neice" and her fiance try to cure him of these terrible visions but the man's only salvation may lie within the secrets of his deadly past. The episode's premise is intriguing but ultimately I felt like it didn't really go anywhere. There is an ending that attempts to explain all that has happened but I was hoping for something a little more imaginative. Genre: Drama

Sean Chelly Shawn

Story of a retired gangster who keeps seeing people with no mouths. It's a creepy image in a decent story with interesting characters... but not much of an ending.

Mel Tiangco

A mobster takes in the daughter of a dead compatriot and raises her as his own. As he approaches his twilight years, he's haunted by visions of creatures without mouths. His adopted daughter son-in-law try to help him. Good story with a solid ending. One of the most remembered shows in the show's history.

Jelly Bradford

An ex-mobster looks after his buddy's daughter after he was killed. She, unaware of his past, wants him to meet her fiancé, a medical doctor, who knows about him, seeks to help him with the terrifying visions he has of men without mouths that cause him to lose consciousness.


I thought it was a good ending, because I also include finding out what really happened to the girls father as part of the ending, it really ties it all together.


This was a great episode all the way around. The ending sewed up a lot of loose ends. The ex-mobster's voice was so low, so gravelly, that when he attempted to sound drunk, his voice just got a little lower, a little more gravelly. Great episode though--4 stars.


I kept thinking this would have made a great Sopranos episode. Loved the voice on Uncle Joe. All around really enjoying rediscovering these shows which I use to listen to with my father during dinner. Sadly he's not around to hear these anymore.


I remember this from the first time I listened to all the episodes, so I also remembered the ending. It was puzzling what that "no mouth" thing could be, but at the end it made sense. This was a great episode as I, for one, couldn't see much of the plot evolving (although the "niece" hearing the tape was an obvious one) and it was involving evolving plot. The only part I had a problem with (and it was a minor problem) was when the fiancé's psychologist friend gets from Joe's new name to his old name without even seeing him - that seemed like quite the leap of intuition to me.


Men Without Mouths. I have listened more than once!


I love CBSRMT. I've probably only heard 15 or so, but I fondly remember visible voice and was sad when I returned to Cleveland in October to hear that it was closed. That place had the perfect ambiance and they served wine.


Fred Gwynne is the star of "Men Without Mouths." GREAT actor!


The star was not Fred Gwynne. The main character "Uncle Joe" was played by Joe Silver, who appeared in other CBSRMT episodes as well. They both have deep voices, so it might be a bit confusing sometimes. I personally would have preferred Fred Gwynne in the role. I like his voice much better.


The news and commercials really make listening to this episode fun. Gas for $0.58/gallon, the good ole days! Joe Silver really does a fantastic job as the lead character. Definitely a must listen, the ending is really something, not what is expected at all. Pleasant dreams...


This is one of their greatest episodes by far. Joe Silver’s acting and voice was phenomenal. It’s how I imagine Ben Grimm, The Thing from the Fantastic Four should sound.


Very enjoyable play. I hung on every act. Joe's voice is commands attention. Very well acted!

Jim K.

Here I thought I was the only one that really enjoyed the voice of the uncle. Everyone was great in it and it was one of the more memorable episodes of the series. I think we all knew that he was some kind of killer, but heck I couldn't help liking him.

David Hutchinson

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