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The Man Is Missing


A lady pesters investigators to find her missing husband. One of them decide to help her on his own as he falls for her. But his wife gets interested too and manages to unearth some astonishing facts.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 28, 1977
  • Repeat - April 30, 1978





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10 Responses to Episode 0747

I have yet to come across a Elspeth Eric episode that I have enjoyed. Just like this one , they seem to all be full of weak characters, super predictable, and full of plot holes.


Listening to or at least trying to get through one of her stories is like watching paint dry or grass grow =^D


One of the best mysteries. Tight script and very effective and fun thriller.

Josgua Stewart

One of the best mysteries. Tight script and very effective and fun thriller. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Joshua Stewart

Didn’t see a sign of plot holes. Well acted. Enjoyed this episode.


A rare Elspeth treasure: an episode that held my interest. I enjoyed it.


Another Elspeth Eric snoozer with unnecessary psych drama that you can't quite figure out. I'm surprised that Larry Haines didn't start refusing to play the roles Elspeth Eric wrote for him. Why is it that she often writes creepy, weirdo parts for him where he plays a sleazy older man hitting on younger women? When he and that girl are climbing the hills, he says he would have made a pass at her if he were younger. Then he has the audacity to ask her if he can make a pass at her and she says no. At least he didn't assault her, but we know that if she had said yes he would have cheated on his wife right then and there. There are many cheating spouses on this show, so it's nothing new, but the part that makes it creepy is the weird way it's written, and you get the feeling that you're supposed to think that the guy is just an innocent man being carried away by innocent human emotions. Unfortunately, the character comes across as a sleazy perv who can't control himself. In fact, it kind of reminds me of another role he played in another episode where his character travels to the "Free Life Commune" and makes a pass at a young 18 year old girl (even though he denied it was a pass) and then later on makes a pass at her mother, even though he had just met the woman. What's creepy about it is the message that is being conveyed in the story...that he is just an emotional man who just can't help himself, so we are supposed to feel for him and be on his side, or even cry because we are so "touched" by his vulnerable humanity, LOL! It's unfortunate because I usually like Larry Haines, who has a very nice voice, and he is good at playing really loving characters. It's just the way Elspeth Eric writes his characters that is off putting. When she writes a role for him, he often comes across as creepy, but he's unaware of it, and is always in denial. In addition, why is Terri Keane always the brooding, repressed housewife in Elspeth Eric's stories? It's so old and tiresome. She always seems to write the SAME character for Terri Keane, with different names in different stories, but it's still the same character with the SAME personality. She has the same sad, droning, complaining, tired, worn out voice. The depressed housewife who pretends to be happy, but she carries around some really heavy sadness. I don't mind characters like that if it figures in the plot, but the problem is that she is always the SAME character, and it gets really old after a while.


Good story, well acted. Another great Larry Haines performance. The scene at the falls was very vivid.

Melanie S

How many of you have noticed that Paul Giamatti sounds just like Larry Haines? A lovely coincidence, as I adore them both!

Melanie S

I like how many of these stories integrate fringe ideas of the time, now 50+ years ago. In this drama, hand writing analysis is the focus, which was more in the public eye in the 1960's and 1970's than today. The story was good as was the acting.


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