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Area Thirteen


In a future society, genetic engineering is used to manipulate people's personality and skill sets. So, when unengineered and unregistered children are born (a forbidden act) it becomes a matter of security. One such child has been located...



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 26, 1977
  • Repeat - January 5, 1978





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2 Responses to Episode 0700

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ stars for GOOD. What’s great about Murray Burnett’s writing, is that he puts a lot of dramatic elements into his stories, whether it involves the Supernatural (#0334-NIGHT OF HOWLING DOG) or classic adaptions of Sherlock Holmes (#0680-A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA). But for this Sci-Fi episode, it needed more details. It had an interesting plot, caring protagonists, and a satisfying ending. But in this mystery tale of a futuristic society, what items do people have in order to get by? Is this a Dystopian world where people follow orders by machines or humans with high power? Which side of planet Earth are they living on? What do Areas 1-12 look like? As for the younger characters, Eric & Richard, why no speaking parts for them? Don’t these 2 have anything to say in their dilemma? A story like this should’ve had a 4th Act and fill in the missing notions. The title for this episode is catchy, but another way to title it would be “Satisfy My Curiosity” (because that phrase is used many times in this). In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall starts it off by taking us to 2176 A.D. In ACT-1, questioning on leading lives, such as the people in this story. In ACT-2, we have a vision of what 2176 would look like, but do any of them know the old saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” In ACT-3, we learn that Independence is a word to be feared in this story. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall finishes the episode off by telling the shortest Sci-Fi story ever: “Knock” written by Fredric Brown. His narrations in all 3 Acts were informative, however, mentioning a crystal ball in his Prologue or the short story from his Epilogue were irrelevant to this episode. The music choice was useful, a lot of dramatic tunes that worked in a Sci-Fi tale. Sound effects of beeping noises from computers, birds chirping, water fountain, doorbell, automatic sliding door, people murmuring in the restaurant, robotic printer, and beeping noises at the Hospital were OK, but many were repeated. But I will say the best part in this episode was the Cast: Mandel Kramer (as Vignor), Ian Martin (as Dr. Keith Lewton and Krile), Marian Seldes (as Celia Lewton and the Voice from the Computer), and Joan Lovejoy (as Marissa Finlayson). Both Marian Seldes & Joan Lovejoy sounded delicate and caring in their roles. Both Mandel Kramer and Ian Martin sounded confident and efficient in their parts. And I applaud these 4 in their performances. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


I love this one! Ghosts! I love the part where that creepy Helena is on the highway.


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