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Die! You're on Magic Camera


A young photographer discovers a strange camera that can photograph incidents yet to happen. But he is persuaded by its creators. And the people whose futures have already been predicted by the camera.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 3, 1974
  • Repeat - June 26, 1974





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27 Responses to Episode 0068

Excellent episode! The title is an homage to the old Candid Camera program: "Smile, you're on Candid Camera." The thinly-veiled demonic character Nick Scarlett bemoaning how much more difficult it is to do a good deed than an evil one. The story is obviously similar to the Twilight Zone episode "A Most Unusual Camera." Fantasy episode, demonic intervention.


Who did Nick Scarlett's voice ?


I believe it was Joe Julian. It sounded like one of the voices from The Wistler.


This is an excellent episode except for one thing. Why would the devil try to prevent anyone from self-destructing? It would be more convincing if an angel were reasoning with him instead to protect himself. The line about the devil having a hard time doing the man a favor doesn't ring true. His motive is never a man's best interest.


Another interesting story about a photographer turned detective who happens upon a camera that is capable of predicting the future.


Greed, murder and a camera that can see crime in the future. The episode plays like an old fashioned twilight zone.

Clifton D.

An aspiring photographer obtains a special camera that takes photographs of future events. He soon finds that the people who made the camera want it back. So do those whom were photographed.

Tracy Benson

A man comes into possession of an instant camera with mysterious properties. The picture that develops when he takes a photo of his friend outside a bank shows a robbery with the faces of the criminals. It appears that the camera can show the future. As the pair talk about what they can do with it, a gentleman arrives from the company that made the camera wanting it back, claiming it was a prototype that accidentally was put for sale. Of course the pair is unwilling to give up this amazing camera and they receive a stern warning from the camera agent. Great episode.

Meljohn Forbes

This was classic CBSRMT. A simple supernatural premise that then explores how those all too common human frailties, greed, avarice, and narcisism work to defeat the protagonists ambitions.


This is one of my favorite episodes. I liked the performance of the man/entity seeking to reclaim the camera. A fun show.


I also really enjoyed this episode. Great premise, good acting. Found it interesting that they never followed up on the future murder The heiress was suppose to commit. Perhaps Lisa (Johnny's girlfriend) would some day try to prevent it. Love the character Nick Scarlet and the line: "It's interesting that I find it much more difficult to do a good deed than an evil one". William Redfield does a great job bringing this character to life. Another question. Who were the two thugs who beat Lisa up, looking for the camera, working for? Perhaps the heiress?


I've always liked the premise of meeting the devil (or one of his minions....) Good show.


Great episode--just the way I remember them as a kid. I felt bad when the advice of Lisa was ignored for Johny's selfishness to make money. When you are making deals with the devil and your girlfriend tells you to steer clear, you should probably run the other way. 4 stars.


Am I the only one who disliked this episode? It was a rip off of Twilight Zone, and poor Teri Keane was slapped relentlessly (that upset me, because I love her so much).


Die! You're on Magic Camera! Definitely, don't say cheese for this demonic camera!

Gina Schackel

Good episode. Too bad Johnny wouldn't listen to Lisa and, amazingly enough, the Devil. I agree with others wondering why the Devil would want it back as it seems to work more in his favor when it's out and about.


I agree with RJMGreen (Robert). It's a rip-off of a Twilight Zone episode that aired in 1960 called "A Most Unusual Camera". That aside, I still enjoyed the story even if it wasn't 100% original.


What kind of a colossal jerk would still want to keep the camera after what happened to his girlfriend? He was unmoved by that event. Call me sensitive, but the violent scene with Lisa getting beat up was too much for me. Then of course they had to play it twice, once in the preview.


Johnny Carlin is amazed when, photographing his girlfriend, Lisa, in front of a bank, his new instant Volecta S-60 produces a photograph of a holdup inside the bank. A few hours later the bank is robbed, and Johnny’s photo nails the thieves. Realizing the camera’s potential, Johnny uses it to make easy money -- until others make it clear that they need the camera more than he does.


Love this one! Also reminds me of the one starring Jerry Stiller as an out of work hustler/loiterer who purchases a type writer at a pawn shop and begins to write tales that come true.


I agree with you James, they do have a similar theme. However, in the Jerry Stiller episode, I believe it was some sort of alien intelligence behind the typewriter. That too was influenced by a Twilight Zone episode; Printers Devil.


Twilight Zone "A Most Unusual Camera" 1960, that's where this idea came from.


Good episode until the end, when the Comissioner comes in. Awful voice, so distracting it takes you right out of the story. The head of the police dept. sounds like a dottering old man on his deathbed.

Commodore's watch

Wow, another home run hit for the CBSMT, this is why great story of mystery and suspenders, um, suspense! Love it, on my list of top 40, hits


Plain simple greed is this episode, devil or no devil. Never make a deal with the devil! Miss the commercials though, adds to the enjoyment factor. Loved the St Peter reference by E G Marshall


Wow, this one is so fun to listen to. Great mystery, suprise ending, just a great story! I would listen back in the 1970's to the CBSRMT on WJW 850 Cleveland radio. I was a teenager, and every night i would go to bed set my radio, and snuggle up and enjoy great stories of the Macarbe, told by E G Marshall. the next morning I would go to school, and all my friends would be talking about the great story we heard last night! This site brings back great memerories. Enjoy!

A. Fan

Good story. Comments all wanting camera returned to the devil. Why does he want it to begin with? What can he possibly do w/a camera like that or gain from it, anyway?? How does it help him?


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