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The Sign of Four


This classic tale of theft and betrayal hurtles the legendary Sherlock Holmes into the midst of a secret society.  The terrible secrets continue to plague and haunt its members long after their pact is broken.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 8, 1977
  • Repeat - July 10, 1977





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4 Responses to Episode 0613

Adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes classic

Joshua K.

A Sherlock Holmes mystery.

D. Forscythe

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Let me start off with the outstanding parts. First, the cast: Kevin McCarthy (as Sherlock Homes), Court Benson (as Dr. John H. Watson), Jackson Beck (as Major John Sholto), Earl Hamond (as Inspector Atherly Jones and Thaddeus Sholto), and Joan Shay (as Mary Morstan and Mrs. Mordecai Smith). Both Kevin McCarthy & Court Benson were perfect as always for playing the detective duo. Big props to Jackson Beck & Earl Hammond for playing the Sholtos. And big props to our leading lady: Joan Shay for playing Dr. Watson’s love interest. The other parts that were outstanding, were the sound effects and music. Gripping music tracks that moved the story along. Sound effects such as the letter, horse carriage, howling wind, door busting, tea cups clinking, dog barking, climbing the wall, the buoy by the water docks, steam launch, gun shots, and the empty treasure chest were beneficial to this mystery of adventure. Now comes the 2 reasons why I didn’t rate this episode 5 stars for EXCELLENT. Reason #1, the Script. Murray Burnett’s writing is terrific and his adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes stories are high-ranked entertaining. But this episode, like #0623-A STUDY IN SCARLET, should’ve expanded to 5 episodes. In the novel, THE SIGN OF THE FOUR, there were more characters such as Jonathan Small, Mr. Sherman, the Baker Street Irregulars, an Islander by the name of Toby, and Bartholomew Sholto. Plus, there was Jonathan Small’s backstory about the treasure and the Indian Rebellion during the 1850’s. CBSRMT should’ve made this into a 5-part story and extend the loving relationship between Dr. Watson & Mary Morstan. And Reason #2, the Host’s narrations. In his Prologue, E.G. Marshall begins with the topic of a person’s hair that could turn white, even die of fright, but he doesn’t introduce Sherlock Holmes until ACT-1. In ACT-2, he does mention Irene Adler who outwitted Sherlock Homes in one case of his: A Scandal In Bohemia (Episode #680). In ACT-3, after solving the case and finding out that Dr. Watson proposed to Mary Morstan, he mentions that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle didn’t kill Mary Morstan off. SPECIAL NOTE: He did! He killed her off in “The Adventure of The Norwood Builder” from “The Return Of Sherlock Holmes” book collection, but no one knows how she died. In E.G. Marshall’s Epilogue, he mentions Doyle’s son & John Dickson wrote titles for the Sherlock Homes stories, but doesn’t specify which of Doyle’s sons. We all admire E.G. Marshall’s contribution to the CBSRMT, but he should’ve researched Doyle’s work first before the recording of this episode. This mystery tale is enjoyable for all Sherlock Holmes fans, so tune in to this classic sleuthing tale. Also, this episode has commercials for Contact Cold Medicine and Ex-Lax Medication. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


As a life-long Sherlockian, I can attest that this is a pretty good adaptation. Not great, but pretty good and a fun listen.


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