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Son of Satan


A man and his wife come across an old friend in a stroke of luck. They soon discover that not only has he changed his name, but he actually joined a devil-worshipping cult as well. Despite his religious inclinations, they soon pick-up their old friendship to the extent of even trusting him to babysit their newborn child!



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 17, 1977
  • Repeat - May 4, 1977





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8 Responses to Episode 0587

A man and wife find an old friend who has changed his name and started worshipping Satan. Naturally, they pick up their old friendship and let him babysit their infant.

Jeremy Bushong

Started out promising, but failed to deliver on the satanic storyline.


Strange episode that I enjoyed listening to, mostly for the weirdness of the Satanic friend. The contrast between how he seems at first, with what he seems like at the end is rather odd, as is the idea of a couple leaving their kid to be babysat by someone who'd worship the Prince of Darkness (call me a religious bigot if you like, but that's how I feel about that! LOL). The *best* most odd thing about this episode, though, is the strange little lullaby he sings to the baby. Creepy and rather haunting!


This was a very stupid story with no substance, but Ralph bell made it worth listening to, as usual. Despite the stupid script, and the hollow story, the character of Kato was interesting, mostly because of Ralph Bell's delivery. One treat I enjoyed was hearing him sing that strange lullaby to the baby. he is not the greatest singer, but somehow, it was haunting listening to him sing.


Just a follow up to my last comment. The ending psych analysis of Kato was so stupid at the end of the episode, I just had to groan, lol! Elspeth Eric really outdid herself this time!


I thought satan was going to be involved in this. boring and disappointing. and who in the hell is going to let a satanist babysit their infant/?


Well, if he's an Orthodox Satanist who reads the Satanic Bible, he wouldn't be dangerous. The baby would really have a strong protector. What's disturbing about Cato is his scientific experiments. Some folks do disturbing things with science regardless of their religious inclinations. And I like how the professor character tells his wife that being a Satanist doesn't mean one is a murderer. 'Sounds like the professor is familiar with Anton La Vey's writings.


As if Anton La Vey decides what a Satanist is, and what makes for "orthodox" (ahem) Satan worship. Satanists existed long, long before La Vey came on the scene, and his "Satanic Bible" had nothing to do with them. Further, you assume a sort of Protestant-style "sola scriptura" Satanism. Just because it isn't in the scripture of "The Church of Satan" (TM) doesn't mean it isn't so.


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